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  • Wed, 01:41: RT @C_J_Benton: Thanks to YouTube's new filters, you can protect children from sex education, while still allowing wholesome things, like H…
  • Wed, 01:44: RT @DMReporter: STANDARDS: Good to see the Daily Mail staying firm to an editorial line and not shifting at will to suit an agenda. https:/…
  • Wed, 01:59: RT @donasarkar: @JenMsft @tomwarren LOL, ask an engineer a question...we are hoping for this week.
  • Wed, 01:59: RT @jeremiahg: If machine-learning and behavior-based detection can be used to identify malware, perhaps it can be applied to ad blocking a…
  • Wed, 02:18: RT @JulietEMcKenna: Level headed analysis
  • Wed, 02:23: RT @sailorhg: 📝 hi tech friends! do you know of any gigs for an *awesome* woman looking for content writing/editing jobs in tech? let me kn…
  • Wed, 02:25: RT @CarmenCrincoli: Google 1999: Don't be evil Google 2014: Do the right thing Google 2017: Do only specificly screened and approved types…
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