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  • Mon, 12:51: oh hey Monday, anything else you'd like to screw up? Edge, Windows Insider power management, people who forget DST already on my shitlist
  • Mon, 12:52: dear all PRs; the clocks change every year. Exchange & Outlook handle time zone offset automatically. if your software doesn't, change it
  • Mon, 12:54: RT @LeaVerou: I bet you think that ES7 async/await are far, far away, right? Nope! Soon every major browser will support them! https://t.co
  • Mon, 12:57: first time in ages that Edge has just thrown away all its tabs on reboot #cursedmonday @kylealden
  • Mon, 13:39: good example of why Microsoft benefits from having Azure & Office 365; better spam detection by combining data from… https://t.co/Biks95w1s7
  • Mon, 13:44: OK, pictures of space dust are making me less annoyed with Monday. you can lower the vitriol shields to half
  • Mon, 14:00: handy search tip from @Julie_LGreen (also hope the recuperation is going well, Julie!) https://t.co/gZFIDAAtjC
  • Mon, 14:07: RT @bechillcomedian: Interview: "What is it like being a female comedian?" Me: "A lot like being a male comedian, but you get asked that qu…
  • Mon, 14:16: Azure Functions as glue between Auth0 and Google APIs for easy user access to their content https://t.co/oWBQKIC0Gv
  • Mon, 14:21: RT @Shieldmaid8: @SkyNewsBreak By ignoring + excluding devolved governments over Brexit Westminster have lost all right to criticise. Pot/k…
  • Mon, 16:58: a little too much baseball metaphor, but useful look at what productivity at work looks like Microsoft MyAnalytics https://t.co/nDLtHWXRDN
  • Mon, 18:00: RT @edbott: I have a whole collection of screencaps of comments from people who insist they are technical geniuses while confessing to murd…
  • Mon, 18:05: RT @markwilsonit: Either #MacOS is really bad at memory management or something has a big memory leak because this poorly Mac has 16GB RAM!…
  • Mon, 18:48: RT @MSwannMSFT: Here's how we use graphs to cluster intrusion detection alerts in Office 365: https://t.co/VJJZAFYLW5 https://t.co/N5evfavg
  • Mon, 19:26: RT @tarah: No meticulously scoped and scheduled workday survives contact with the enemy.
  • Tue, 01:36: RT @dstorey: Woohoo! Object-fit & object-position now under development in Microsoft Edge https://t.co/u2FlUH1fEL
  • Tue, 01:41: RT @mpjme: YES! Programming will be part of standard education plan from first grade in Sweden starting 2018!
  • Tue, 01:54: RT @condrong: All tutorials that are made up of multiple steps should have a "show me on a single page" option so I can read through it in…
  • Tue, 01:55: RT @KeshaUCI: As a young girl, I believed that computers would soon control the world, so I wanted to be the one to control the computers @…
  • Tue, 02:06: RT @Pinboard: California, home of Silicon Valley, has the highest poverty rate in the country. Maybe startup culture is worth fixing before…
  • Tue, 02:11: RT @bdsams: Yet to find someone who doesnt like Teams bc it's under-cooked...it's not for everyone but it's shaping up to be a quality piec…
  • Tue, 02:19: RT @Joi_the_Artist: Poverty does not create genius. Poverty creates desperation. Sometimes, genius arises from desperation. More often it's…
  • Tue, 02:23: RT @dan_abramov: I think Create React Native App will turn out more important than people realize. Works on Windows and doesn’t need GBs of…
  • Tue, 11:17: RT @HeikeRitter: Wanna know what's new in Windows Defender ATP, coming with the Creators Update? Read more here: https://t.co/JBun0KCfun #W
  • Tue, 11:23: RT @wmarybeard: If the Scots would be 'voting blind' (because of not knowing brexit details) in autumn 2018, then we were ALL voting blind…



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