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  • Mon, 01:25: RT @mjg59: The worst thing about all of this is that important documentation is always hidden in some random obscure forum buried deep in a…
  • Mon, 01:39: RT @mental_nigella_: Dear @jack & @facebook, Please just show us the posts of the people we follow in the order they were posted. Signed,…
  • Mon, 01:48: How Microsoft IT users Power BI and MyAnalytics
  • Mon, 11:12: The History Of CVC: From Exxon And DuPont To Xerox And Microsoft, How Corporates Began Chasing ‘The Future’
  • Mon, 11:22: So @sbisson discovered that iTunes had trashed our entire music collection; find myself wondering what else it might be to blame for
  • Mon, 11:32: RT @twlldun: If I wanted to parody Corbyn, "organising a demo against the consequences of a vote he whipped MPs to support" would be up the…
  • Mon, 11:39: RT @JolyonMaugham: Do you value your rights as an EU citizen? Please read, sign and retweet
  • Mon, 11:59: RT @yaypie: Frontend web development has always been hard. We just used to think it was easier because we were doing it poorly.
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