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  • Thu, 15:35: RT @elbetzio: Unexpected handy tip: the same keyboard shortcuts for @VisualStudio "Build Solution" also toggles the favourites bar in Edge.
  • Thu, 15:43: RT @Clarkezone: The team just pushed out the redesign of our @WindowsUI sample gallery
  • Thu, 15:45: RT @traskjd: Curious about when folks learn to code. So, what age were you when you learned to code? Retweets appreciated.
  • Thu, 16:43: RT @Al__S: hard border with NI it is then. with either the UK or Republic.
  • Thu, 16:43: RT @jacquep: Guys, if you're protesting against Tory breach of manifesto promise regarding NI contributions, how about doing same with Sing…
  • Thu, 16:46: so a unified Ireland only a century after partition, is it?
  • Thu, 16:51: RT @NotMyself: Anyone in the Seattle/Portland area is looking for a .NET gig? My company is looking for a .NET dev for a contract in Olympi…
  • Thu, 16:54: RT @PrivacyMatters: Folks are asking: The #ePrivacy Regulation - a bigger deal than the #GDPR? yes. Just as the ePD v DPD has been for telc…
  • Thu, 16:56: RT @jaredpar: Biggest myth I see in OSS: contributions are never free to the maintainer. There is *always* a cost to review and maintain.
  • Thu, 17:05: RT @GradyKen: In successful organizations, there’s no distinction - The business can invest in IT. But IT doesn’t ‘invest’ in itself. @tcra
  • Thu, 17:05: RT @h0x0d: Slides: SQL Server On Linux: Will It Perform Or Not? by @slava_oks at @qconlondon
  • Thu, 17:39: RT @zeynep: CIA methods dumped are not distinguishable, as far as I have seen yet, from stuff shown at regular open conferences. No oh wow…
  • Thu, 17:39: RT @zeynep: ➡️"Intelligence agency, hampered by encryption, appears to resort to targeted & harder to implement hacks, methods similar to r…
  • Thu, 17:39: RT @ericlaw: @laparisa @zeynep "Chrome security lead explains how she will hack you."
  • Thu, 18:06: we need more techniques to assess ML decisions and algo's like FairML: Auditing Black-Box Predictive Models
  • Thu, 18:35: RT @khnidk: my IOS @Outlook app misbehaved today. Sent in-app message thinking maybe ill get answer in hours. Got answer, fix in < 5 mins.…
  • Thu, 18:43: RT @Viss: when you shittalk a lady hacker at a con, who later becomes an executive of an org you wish to buy things from. tl;dr: don't be…
  • Thu, 18:50: if Google wants GCP to be a credible enterprise cloud, PowerShell and good Windows Server support are table stakes. more like penny slots!
  • Thu, 19:27: hey @jeffteper that makes two other cloud services with placeholders now; any chance OneDrive can bring back its prime feature soon?
  • Thu, 19:38: RT @brendandburns: Resource policy for Azure Resource Manager comes to the Azure Portal!
  • Thu, 19:39: I guess it's a race between OneDrive placeholders and the Azure preview portal as to which long-awaited thing ships first ;)
  • Thu, 20:01: I now understand the difference between the preview Azure portal and the Azure preview portal, but I can't guess which is which
  • Thu, 20:04: @mikebaz I just got that Azure twitter bot I was joking about the other day ;)
  • Thu, 20:17: RT @SchneidRemarks: Note: My technique and advice never changed. The only difference was that I had a man's name now.
  • Thu, 20:17: RT @SchneidRemarks: I was in hell. Everything I asked or suggested was questioned. Clients I could do in my sleep were condescending. One a…
  • Thu, 20:17: RT @SchneidRemarks: Nicole had the most productive week of her career. I realized the reason she took longer is bc she had to convince clie…
  • Thu, 20:18: RT @SchneidRemarks: Here's the real fucked-up thing: For me, this was shocking. For her, she was USED to it. She just figured it was part o…
  • Thu, 21:02: RT @mcclure111: CAUTION: Events in scrying mirror are closer than they appear
  • Thu, 21:05: RT @mjg59: And if your response to being called out on that is "But we obfuscate our code", you're admitting that you don't understand secu…
  • Thu, 21:27: RT @Chris76786777: TIL #AzureFunctions have #PowerShell support in preview. Oh the things I'll imagine creating!
  • Thu, 21:41: yet more data tools for devs: Azure Stream Analytics Tools for Visual Studio�
  • Thu, 21:50: hey, who's going to use LUIS/Microsoft Cognitive Services to make an automatic quiz commenters have to pass before they can leave a comment
  • Thu, 22:04: ugh, the UI flickering on the latest Word fast ring is driving me crazy; the Editor pane, the smart paste tag and not the *scrollbar*
  • Thu, 22:10: set a reminder on Siri, then set a reminder on Cortana (so some delay). Cortana alert goes off a good 45 seconds before Siri does
  • Fri, 01:51: RT @fiveisprime: Getting Started with the Microsoft Bot Framework & Node.js
  • Fri, 01:58: RT @karenmcgrane: If you liked hearing from a guy what it's like working as a woman, then you need to hear it from the woman herself https…
  • Fri, 02:01: Let's see if the girl blogging or the chap tweeting about how they demonstrated sexist behavior gets more traffic ;)
  • Fri, 11:38: RT @ErikEJ: SQL Server 2016 temporal tables with Entity Framework
  • Fri, 11:44: So I'm seeing the chap's (excellent) tweet stream on sexism shared about 10:1 vs the woman's medium post on the same experiment
  • Fri, 11:47: RT @JamesMelville: When I, as one of the 2.5m self employed, gets told to pay more in tax than Amazon, it really is time to turn the lights…
  • Fri, 11:48: RT @sarah_edo: I don't think this guy meant any ill, but PLEASE stop assuming that women are less technical that you until proven innocent
  • Fri, 11:49: RT @A_C_McGregor: So there we have it confirmed from the Tories; Brexit means tax hikes. Won't be the last, either.
  • Fri, 11:49: RT @bensmithuk: I have changed 5 lines of CSS in a blog theme and it didn't break so I am now immediately available as a senior front-end d…
  • Fri, 11:52: @jennylayfluffy random accessibility question; how about pushing for transcriptions for official Microsoft podcasts like the Office ones?
  • Fri, 11:57: RT @ailon: Provided mine and @rschu 's Build2015 @HP x360 died almost simulatenously and there were 5k of them, we can collect some stats.…
  • Fri, 11:58: RT @qjurecic: "You can't tweet your way out of a court ruling." - @AGOWA, with one for the ages.
  • Fri, 12:00: RT @nberlat: nostalgia is a real buttress for prejudice. "this is the way it was" is a substitute for ethical engagement.
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    Sat, 14:45: Assume breach/zero trust is the same 'protect the data not the device/boundary' I've been writing about since Windows 8…

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    Fri, 13:34: RT @ DavidHenigUK: I recall hearing this gradual shift of staff out of the UK under European regulatory pressure predicted in 2017.…

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    Thu, 14:03: My Pro X 2 is getting offered Windows 11; I know this because the 'restart to install updates' icon in the system tray has a blue…

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