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  • Thu, 17:37: all these disruptive financial transfer services turn out to be way more expensive than doing a wire transfer from a US�to UK bank account
  • Thu, 18:50: it's always human error, it's always human error, it's always human error�- S3 outage was a typo &debugging billing�
  • Thu, 19:12: RT @Pinboard: Dumb engineering jokes impede everyone’s capacity to resist
  • Thu, 19:14: RT @karlminns: Norman Tebbit is Brexit personified. Too old to experience its repercussions but determined to press the button anyway.
  • Thu, 19:15: RT @ChandlerNWilson: Our pronouns aren't preferred. *You* prefer to call us what we're not. Trans people's pronouns are not preferred, they…
  • Thu, 19:23: RT @bdsams: I'd bet that those who have used AWS had less downtime during the past 5 years than if they were on premises only incl this we…
  • Thu, 19:26: RT @revodavid: How hospital managers can predict how long patients stay, using R and @SQLServer #rstats https://t.…
  • Thu, 19:33: new message on a slow ring pc I haven't used in a couple of weeks
  • Thu, 19:43: I imagine that across the industry some in-house IT person has taken down some IT system with a typo every day of the last 5 years, unsung
  • Thu, 19:48: Muji is a better embodiment of key principles of Dieter Rams & Ulm school of design than Apple�
  • Thu, 20:09: the latest Office update is giving me a lot more warnings about features I've used for more than a year already…
  • Thu, 20:22: RT @CarmenCrincoli: As of today, there are only 33 ppl at MSFT for 30+ years. @osterman is one. Technically @BillGates is another.
  • Thu, 20:23: RT @LincolnAtkinson: Another Mac annoyance - apps are frequently stealing/resetting focus, disrupting typing/interaction. Windows much bett…
  • Thu, 20:24: RT @Viss: know whats really interesting? this is how twitter works. steal that token, and you have their account fo…
  • Thu, 20:33: RT @jsnover: I don't like the term "promotion". You should never "promote" someone. You should "recognize" the level they contribute at.
  • Thu, 20:33: RT @jsnover: There are lots of ways to prosper so choose whatever works for you. I'm just happy that PowerShell has helped some.
  • Thu, 20:33: RT @mikebaz: this is why the "each workload gets 30 days free" is there :D
  • Thu, 20:36: RT @ericlaw: Dev Hours to paint a string gray instead of black? 40 and counting. ::sobs_uncontrollably::
  • Thu, 20:37: RT @DanaMarlowe: @Microsoft Disability Answer Desk is amazeballs! I can't wait to try direct sign language text support. Thanks @jennylayfl
  • Thu, 20:37: RT @Viss: so I'll just say this: You can't outsource risk. You can outsource all the tech you want but not the risk. the risk is yours.
  • Thu, 20:42: RT @Pinboard: So frustrating that Hacker News is full of people who could have trivially avoided the S3 outage. Amazon recruiters, get crac…
  • Thu, 21:29: RT @NerdPyle: And there are good free conversion tools out there, such as QEMU-IMG. You can also use DISK2VHD, manually removing VMware add…
  • Thu, 21:29: the way official Microsoft product accounts on Twitter don't know who works at Microsoft is always a source of amusement
  • Thu, 21:56: a richer way to transfer calls in Skype for Business 2016 on Windows
  • Thu, 22:49: RT @Cardoso: @jennylayfluffy @MSFTnews @Microsoft Microsoft is top notch in accessibility, even back in the win 3.11 when it had a high-con…
  • Thu, 22:50: RT @codinghorror: The real value of a code of conduct: it causes people who you wouldn't want *anywhere* near your project to identify them…
  • Thu, 22:53: RT @samilaiho: Features that are removed or deprecated in Windows 10 Creators Update
  • Thu, 22:58: Klout but for thrusting velocity
  • Fri, 01:59: RT @Pinboard: Submitting a Teen Vogue article on secure messaging to Hacker News somehow did not end the Simulation like I expected
  • Fri, 02:01: RT @jsnover: I'm a Tech Fellow I once typed a bad cmd deleting most of the OS sources @ Apollo I added -WHATIF & -CONFIRM in PS to help oth…
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