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  • Wed, 14:08: deep learning tips and tricks that make me think�services like AzureML that do the hard work are the way to go�
  • Wed, 14:27: tfw you just know the best way to fix a browser extension is going�to be reboot the whole PC
  • Wed, 15:47: RT @donasarkar: #WindowsInsiders know the routine: we are looking at selfhost data today & tomm on our new build candidate. No new builds o…
  • Wed, 16:08: I'm so on trend, I still *have* AOL t shirts
  • Wed, 16:13: RT @timanderson: other notable points: Xamarin Forms for MacOS coming Q3 2017, and compiled XAML (XamlC) 5x faster on iOS and Android
  • Wed, 16:13: RT @timanderson: Microsoft says it fixed 1800 bugs in Xamarin Forms ...
  • Wed, 16:22: new ARM templates on Azure Marketplace to run Remote Desktop Services on Azure
  • Wed, 16:25: Teams might be what makes businesses think of Office 365 for modern productivity not just as cloud email/SharePoint…
  • Wed, 17:08: RT @ohhoe: NPR is doing a segment on Susan Fowler and I called in, they asked me what companies should do in these situations & I said list…
  • Wed, 17:10: RT @timbarrett: #QOTD: "Error ! The current browser is either too old or too modern (usind DOM document structure)."
  • Wed, 18:34: RT @inafried: Because it is a multi-year journey from newly discovered planets to us, I imagine they made it half way, got a good look and…
  • Wed, 18:35: @sbisson paging you to the cat complaint phone
  • Wed, 18:53: RT @slightlylate: async/await are the primary reason we fought so long and hard for Promises in ES6. Warms my cold, dark heart to see them…
  • Wed, 19:01: I wonder if colour categories use the Exchange colour categories or if Microsoft made ANOTHER redundant organisational feature for mail
  • Wed, 19:26: RT @MichaelCollier: Announcing Azure Network Watcher – Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Service for Azure-
  • Wed, 19:29: RT @RobinDotNet: Hey @azurestorage is thinking about creating a version of AzCopy for LInux. Please share your thoughts/feedback! https://…
  • Wed, 19:56: @jsoltero hey!�I'm hoping new colour categories in Windows 10 Cal use the Exchange categories I already use to colour code my Outlook cal?
  • Wed, 19:59: RT @americanwombat: @dhh @Aimee_Knight tempted to draw Google home page on whiteboard in interview someday and write "how to invert binary…
  • Wed, 20:01: RT @pwnallthethings: OH: attackers use $0 tools written in 2005 to run rings round $m+ tools built in 2017, via bugs in 2010 code that we k…
  • Wed, 20:02: RT @mzbat: Him: Ha! You clicked on link in my phish! LMAO. Me: Yes, in a VM & by the way I owned your mail server about 20 min ago. You…
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