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  • Wed, 16:06: RT @darrinhenein: How would you define or evaluate “high quality UX design”? RTs appreciated.
  • Wed, 16:22: RT @gcaughey: For those wondering how to become a Microsoft MVP: Do what you love, then share what you do. It probably helps to not be a je…
  • Wed, 16:27: RT @jthake: "Humans can't multi task, they switch tasks. By switching ur IQ drops 15 points. Equivalent of not sleeping for 36 hrs." @equal
  • Wed, 16:36: diversity makes better products. Female exec hired to help Magic Leap appeal to women sues for sex discrimination
  • Wed, 17:10: ENIAC & Jeremy Bentham both have�birthdays today ;)
  • Wed, 17:50: RT @obs3sd: I'd say that's the story of my entire career.
  • Wed, 17:52: RT @matvelloso: People who don't know the difference between a POC and a production grade solution are scary: They think the whole world is…
  • Wed, 18:12: RT @PrivacyMatters: This. I see too many making this error - the GDPR does not apply to EU Citizens but to natural persons in the EU. https…
  • Wed, 18:14: RT @jeffsussna: Car dealer service dept.: "it's implemented in software so it can't possibly fail." I may stop laughing by the end of the d…
  • Wed, 18:14: RT @mcclure111: I reject your binaries and categories and I refuse to believe that "breakfast" is a thing that ends at a particular time
  • Wed, 18:56: words you don't know how to pronounce because you only read them and *no-one* says them: apothegm (or apophthegm if you're picky)
  • Wed, 18:58: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Their printer update process is apparently so fragile and contract-tied, they require a tech to come on-site and flash…
  • Wed, 19:07: RT @DrPizza: DEP/NX has been "broken" almost since it became widespread on x86, but would anyone recommend disabling it?!
  • Wed, 19:08: RT @stephenrwalli: "No scale without discipline" is an attribute of software, regardless of its license. #lfosls
  • Wed, 19:53: RT @mjg59: Shocked that the Lambdaconf organisers would adopt a CoC that says public criticism is worse than being a racist
  • Wed, 20:02: RT @adrienneleigh: So the @fantasylandinst "Code of Professionalism" prevents sexual assault victims from publicly discussing that, among o…
  • Wed, 20:04: RT @_ericelliott: Learning TDD with unit tests doesn't happen overnight. You aren't just learning how to test. You're learning new app arch…
  • Wed, 20:05: RT @FioraAeterna: they changed a comment in a header. i won't explain how this could possibly break a build. i will leave it to your imagi…
  • Wed, 20:08: RT @sarah_edo: If you didn't get a talk submission accepted: don't feel bad, I'm giving 20 talks this year and I'm *almost always* rejected…
  • Wed, 20:16: RT @charlesfitz: @marypcbuk @gregde @brunoborges Oracle the last of traditional vendors who don’t know what don’t know. Others been humbled.
  • Wed, 23:05: I'm using sharepoint again. it only made me scream�ONCE. progress!
  • Thu, 02:51: RT @betsyweber: USEFUL: “Persona Spectrum” from @microsoft Inclusive Design. There’s more to accessible design than most ppl realize https:…
  • Thu, 02:59: RT @beingbrina: One conf asked me to speak, offered $0 dollos. SAME conf asked MY BROTHER, offered him $20K and private jet to China https:…
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