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  • Fri, 12:39: if you're picking up 1984 for the first time, read� Orwell on political speech, esp Politics of the English Language https://t.co/O2NltvE0Np
  • Fri, 12:44: Inclusivity at React London 2017 — looks like a good blueprint for running an event https://t.co/vnUwZUYSmo
  • Fri, 12:46: RT @kiyototamura: where I've found big ideas: history, linguistics, psychology, philosophy. these subjects ultimately try to understand and…
  • Fri, 12:56: RT @NatalieKoussa: Blown away 10 yr old boy at @HackneyPirates naming @caitlinmoran as his favourite leader 'because she's a feminist and l…
  • Fri, 12:58: interesting points from @old_sound on the power of metaphor; data structures explain�purpose of code #monkigras
  • Fri, 13:09: RT @TomChivers: EU academics at UK unis! Have you had Govt letters asking you to "make arrangements to leave"? Get in touch. DMs open, anon…
  • Fri, 13:13: RT @rickfillion: Programming IRL: "ETA for an apple pie?" "2h" 8h later: "Where is it?" "You didn't tell me the dishes were dirty and you…
  • Fri, 13:24: RT @gcaughey: I've been working with a most unusual vendor this week. Their docs actually match their product.
  • Fri, 13:28: RT @MicroSFF: The fortune teller sighed. "It will get worse before it gets better." "Is there nothing we can do?" "Of course! That's why it…
  • Fri, 14:27: RT @andymoz78: 90% fall in EU nurses coming to UK £ low, food prices rising Universities losing students and researchers But, road signs i…
  • Fri, 18:46: Leading light of 80s AI (I used case based reasoning!) says today's AI marketing is deceptive & I tend to agree https://t.co/3wLKEFg51D
  • Fri, 18:53: RT @jeffteper: Highlight from Satya today: customer response to #SharePoint + #PowerApps + Flow. Congrats on >500K users in first 8 weeks @…
  • Fri, 18:54: RT @gcaughey: Ex top Mozilla dev to Windows users: Ditch all antivirus except Microsoft's Defender | ZDNet https://t.co/9wSHaYQZUM
  • Fri, 18:57: RT @Anderson: customer preference for EMS accelerates! - largest EMM/IDaaS customer base - >41k EMS customers + 4k new in qtr - paid seats…
  • Fri, 18:58: RT @AndrewYNg: Cool thing about being in AI: You don't just work on AI. You get to do healthcare, robotics, logistics, finance, media, ....
  • Fri, 18:58: RT @TheSweetKat: As long as everyone's already shopping for 1984, pick up a copy of Maus. Dystopia isn't always fiction. #HolocaustMemorial
  • Fri, 19:00: RT @maryjofoley: Cloud first, mobile first, and now (thanks to the LinkedIn acquisition), MS is talking about "member first" on its earning…
  • Fri, 19:00: RT @mipearson: OH "I'm the Technical Debt Fairy. If you leave technical debt under your pillowcase at night I hire away your best developer…
  • Fri, 19:00: RT @Alex_A_Simons: Microsoft EMS News this quarter: - Largest EMM/IDaaS customer base (by far!) - >41k EMS customers + 4k new in q2 - Paid…
  • Fri, 19:01: RT @alicegoldfuss: It's almost like containers only improved the Dev side of DevOps hmmmm how strange



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