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  • Wed, 12:05: RT @JZdziarski: I was starting to retweet and comment on things I missed yesterday, but decided to smash my screen repeatedly with a hammer…
  • Wed, 12:08: RT @scanlime: so the phone-home code from china is a "backdoor" and the phone-home code from elsewhere is "analytics"?
  • Wed, 12:09: RT @scattermoon: Those petitioning Theresa May to hold Trump to account on human rights really haven't been paying attention to Theresa May.
  • Wed, 12:17: RT @BrunoBautistaIP: .@juliapowles "we need transparency on how Google deals with the RtBF requests. Transparency report deals wit 23 of 68…
  • Wed, 12:19: RT @nickreeves9876: Britain does not need independence from the EU, it needs independence from foreign press barons Murdoch & Rothermere. #…
  • Wed, 12:23: RT @codepo8: People worrying that AI starts to program AI should worry more about what humans do to their own laws right now.
  • Wed, 12:27: RT @o_oskarsson: @3liza Fun fact: In Icelandic, computer is "Tolva", a hybrid of "Tela", to count, and "volva", a witch. Our computers are…
  • Wed, 12:31: RT @AlistairBurtMP: Btw @BBCNews @SkyNews demands for a white paper are not 'Labour' but from Select Committee backed by M Gove, D Raab as…
  • Wed, 12:34: RT @TechSolidarity: Still looking for a venue in Seattle for Thursday. Please be in touch if you know a comfy place that can hold ~100 peop…
  • Wed, 15:04: RT @njkobie: Who says print is dead? Raspberry Pi is launching a magazine for computing teachers called Hello World #bett2017 (it's also a…
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