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  • Fri, 14:31: RT @sbisson: Despite being announced before Christmas Cortana is still not in the UK iOS Store...
  • Fri, 14:40: RT @jayrosen_nyu: 8/ Everything explained by attributing to Trump some mastery of media arts is better explained by his indifference to bei…
  • Fri, 14:52: PSA: if you have a database and an internet connection, for the love of DEITY go check if it's visible on Shodan and SECURE IT
  • Fri, 14:59: RT @ThatSabineGirl: Cis media folk are like: "I'm not a transphobe, I just think it's totes fine to fuck trans people over for the sake of…
  • Fri, 15:00: RT @nickmcquire: #Businessapps remained #2 biggest category across App Store & Play in 2016, behind games & above life & entertainment. ~8%…
  • Fri, 15:08: the WhatsApp thing isn't a malicious backdoor; it sounds like UX decisions prioritised over security architecture. usability does matter
  • Fri, 16:59: RT @jackclarkSF: Microsoft acquires Maluuba, a Canadian AI startup that specialized in NLP and NLU tech https://t.co/Za2EhSPY4C
  • Fri, 17:04: so Microsoft isn't just getting an interesting AI startup around deep understanding of language (think documents, conversations)
  • Fri, 17:08: RT @FioraAeterna: @SwiftOnSecurity to elaborate: I worry it's neither going to be a great home console (too weak) nor a good portable (too…
  • Fri, 17:20: RT @bobmuckle: A couple of U of Washington profs are proposing a new course on Calling Bullshit. Its real and its good. https://t.co/gVilfQ
  • Fri, 17:37: any non-US folk who have an EIN done the new (jan 2017) W-8BEN form yet? looks like no place to put the EIN on now?
  • Fri, 18:01: so Sky won't show something with a white actor playing Michael Jackson but BBC will broadcast a documentary on a trans-hostile 'therapist';(
  • Fri, 18:13: RT @gauravseth: It’s @ChakraCore’s first anniv & we’ve just landed JIT & concurrent GC at beta quality in master branch for Linux. https:/…
  • Fri, 18:15: ChakraCore on Linux; necessary for getting Chakra-based Nodejs for Windows IoT ARM, but fascinating to ponder what else it might show up in
  • Fri, 18:18: RT @lsmarr: New paper with Knight Lab on using machine learning on 10,000 microbiome protein families in human health and IBD https://t.co/
  • Fri, 18:20: RT @buildscientist: Visual Studio Code is a top notch text editor for OS X. I think I need to pay more attention to the stuff coming out of…
  • Fri, 18:20: RT @juliaioffe: If you are reading the #Russians dossier and don't know what to believe anymore—now you know what it's like to report on Ru…
  • Fri, 18:27: RT @daviwil: @PSPester @r_keith_hill @BrandonPadgett @LogicalDiagram PowerShell experience will improve drastically over next 3 months star…
  • Fri, 18:34: RT @JZdziarski: In the case of WhatsApp, this capability only works with the consent of the user, therefore it is not a backdoor if users c…
  • Fri, 18:36: RT @JZdziarski: WhatsApp already has a way to turn this behavior off, and it’s been disclosed to the user. Not sure why anyone’s arguing it…
  • Fri, 18:37: RT @FiloSottile: You can't argue at the same time that closed source can hide backdoors, and that the very observable issue in WhatsApp is…
  • Fri, 18:40: looking forward to fast ring 15007 even if it doesn't fix my killer UWP crashes because BROWSER TAB SYNC comes to Edge at last
  • Fri, 18:41: RT @XboxQwik: Creators Update details revealed. And yes, Game Mode will include both Win32 and UWP games. https://t.co/4UclQ3JTcN
  • Fri, 19:07: RT @XboxQwik: Accessibility is very important to us. You'll see a host of new features to help with this release. Details soon. https://t.c…
  • Fri, 19:08: RT @ChaseSupport: @fallicsymbol We'll be supporting Microsoft Wallet later this year. Stay tuned for updates! ^AW
  • Fri, 19:37: preset online security questions sure do assume you had a nuclear family upbringing
  • Fri, 20:04: WTAF Adobe? you're restricting features so you can extend features; is this like tech hokeycokey? in/out/shakeitall… https://t.co/9OFzjlUJJV
  • Fri, 20:09: now, is it Edge, Acrobat, OneDrive, Explorer or Windows that's not letting me work with this PDF?
  • Fri, 20:30: RT @IanSkerrett: Excellent post on OSS licensing. Key takeaways: MIT license is #1; Big drop for GPL #nicework https://t.co/13nAswdVCp
  • Fri, 20:35: oh, at least 15007 is 'fessing up that Microsoft really doesn't want you to use Paint so it's resetting PNG to Photos - except it's to Print
  • Fri, 20:40: RT @a_t_mason: New blog on Deploying Nano Server using MDT: https://t.co/hrA7oEZVf2
  • Fri, 20:40: RT @mjg59: Does anyone have a set of good best practices for online organisations who want to avoid collecting identifying metadata?
  • Fri, 20:40: RT @Stefmara: Raise your hand (retweet) if you (or know someone who) have ever taken birth control for health reasons, & not just to preven…
  • Fri, 20:48: Microsoft would quite like a fast train to Canada. also interesting focus on�fairness in criminal justice system� https://t.co/asLif2BsQW
  • Fri, 20:51: RT @marcuschown: Retweet if you think the NHS would be safer run by this tortoise dressed as a doner kebab than by the Conservatives https:…
  • Fri, 22:03: RT @xoofx: Let me reiterate: .NET Core is not only for server apps but also an amazing opportunity to develop cross-platform desktop/comman…
  • Fri, 22:03: RT @ChappellTracker: i dare anyone to tell me that their job isn't political. i will explain to you how it is. You too, designers. https://…



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