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  • Mon, 16:39: every time the W10 Photos app tells me it's made a new album I'm disappointed anew that I still can't tag photos in the app!
  • Mon, 19:45: RT @Pinboard: Apple has expedited delivery of two configurations of its old 2015 MBP due to popular demand. People out there sure love that…
  • Mon, 19:51: RT @MSFTMechanics: Alt-Text that’s auto generated. Demo of the accessible authoring updates coming in #Office365https://t.co/VSSkTU59DZ #…
  • Mon, 20:06: scary thing to see on @ch9 a developer who doesn't believe in science https://t.co/MnbG0YcN9f
  • Mon, 20:11: RT @sbisson: @marypcbuk Debugging? What's that? It's a miracle if my code works.
  • Tue, 01:07: RT @Pinboard: minimum viable protest
  • Tue, 01:08: RT @Pinboard: The first thing the tech resistance will need is a series A. Then, conference swag!
  • Tue, 01:08: RT @Pinboard: To offset some of my public pessimism, I’m hearing from hundreds of tech people who want to do something. That is really enco…
  • Tue, 01:11: I love @BillGates just a little bit right now for pointing out you can't judge what someone will be like from a short phone call
  • Tue, 01:15: RT @workergnome: Going through old papers my dad gave me, I found his map of the internet as of May 1973. The entire internet. https://t.…
  • Tue, 01:17: RT @RMac18: One source noted that meeting was Trump's way of "asserting dominance" over tech industry, whose leaders challenged him during…
  • Tue, 01:58: RT @GossiTheDog: Security vendor: WE CAN SECURE YOUR ENTERPRISE. What they do: install Java applet in appliance OS built 2007, connect to L…
  • Tue, 02:02: RT @FioraAeterna: @bhauth_ if everyone who wasn't a citizen in my company was deported a very popular line of phones would basically cease…
  • Tue, 02:06: RT @matthewwarren: Just blogged: 'Research papers in the .NET source' https://t.co/ElzZwyHqYN https://t.co/rutc5aEBa5
  • Tue, 02:06: RT @davidmanheim: Cassandrafreude (n): bitter pleasure of things going wrong exactly as predicted, which no one believed when it could have…
  • Tue, 02:06: RT @jeremiahg: Spend enough time in the vulnerability assessment market and you eventually realize that you're lead-gen for bug bounty.
  • Tue, 02:07: RT @dotMorten: Just got two of the $50 NuVision 8" Windows 10 tablets. Really nice hardware and awesome screen (better than the Dell Venue…
  • Tue, 02:10: RT @kylealden: @ericlaw I should clarify - we'll match Chrome (advertise for HTTPS, decode regardless), not FF
  • Tue, 02:10: RT @kylealden: @ericlaw re: https://t.co/kT5doRjkM1 - Edge behavior will change to match Chrome/FF in an upcoming build (requesting Brotli…
  • Tue, 02:10: RT @TruBluDevil: Some cool new features coming to Microsoft Authenticator in the next few months. Want to Beta? Send mail to msauthenticato…
  • Tue, 02:15: RT @lawnrocket: Women in animation and games - what do you do? Describe & link to your portfolio, @ me and I'll RT. Excited to see your stu…
  • Tue, 11:40: RT @wilw: You know, @jack, with great power comes great responsibility. Maybe enabling and empowering neonazis isn't the best use of @twitt
  • Tue, 11:44: RT @sehnaoui: Me: For Christmas, I want a dragon. Santa: Be realistic. Me: Ok I want a secure firewall. Santa: What color, for your dragon…



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