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  • Thu, 22:00: Hmm. Too much gin. Pour. Too much tonic! Pour. Sip. Think I had it right first time. Sip
  • Fri, 01:38: RT @Pinboard: Being at an “un-conference” where name tags matter opens a tiny window into what it must be like to be a woman. MY EYES ARE U…
  • Fri, 01:40: RT @redhotvengeance: @dcurtis First time in years I’ve looked at non-Apple machines. The Linux subsystem built into Windows has definitely…
  • Fri, 01:42: RT @goldengateblond: I see Melania's fight against cyberbullying is going well.
  • Fri, 01:48: Having enough money to have WETA fake I'm sorry augment your demo= too much funding
  • Fri, 01:48: RT @RyanLizza: The new @Uber app tracks you for FIVE minutes after you get dropped off without the ability to opt out.
  • Fri, 01:50: RT @NerdPyle: We now offer 16+ year support lifecycle for Windows Server & SQL; first time in MS history:
  • Fri, 01:50: RT @DrPizza: what incredibly surprising news, i thought magic leap was refusing to do public demos because their product worked so well
  • Fri, 01:57: RT @Viss: I'm about to install powershell. on a mac. while on a plane. for a screenshot for my talk tomorrow. the future is weird.
  • Fri, 02:01: RT @petersterne: Magic Leap's revolutionary "mixed reality" experience seamlessly integrates fake technology demos with real VC funding.
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