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  • Thu, 11:52: RT @JZdziarski: Linux, the IoT of Unix
  • Thu, 11:53: TFW the images on a blog are broken but all the ads sure work
  • Thu, 12:41: RT @dildog: Today I learned that if you turn on developer mode in recent builds of Windows 10, you get a native SSH server.
  • Thu, 12:55: adding in the distance triggering Cortana needs to go in lamps and speakers and the like; if OEMs don't want to (only) pick up Alexa?
  • Thu, 13:01: difference from Surface isn't just x86 apps; this time around Microsoft established the OS first, so there should be demand for devices
  • Thu, 13:05: RT @gcaughey: Windows on ARM provides customers with the Windows they know already�on a secure�modern mobile platform. #WinHEC2016
  • Thu, 13:09: RT @Daedelean: @photos_floues @cstross Bigotry is normative, not just descriptive. She doesn't just *believe* the stereotype, but *wants* i…
  • Thu, 13:13: RT @teroterotero: Argh I can't handle these contrarian "smart watches are not doomed" think pieces. Yes they are. It's over.
  • Thu, 13:13: RT @sbisson: @gcaughey @marypcbuk Except this is more a Surface 3 equivalent based on the description... Think 32-bit Atom-level apps.
  • Thu, 13:18: RT @jessicahische: If you don't get why early abortion bans are a big deal, here is the timeline to explain how pregnancy works. https://t.…
  • Thu, 14:00: actually, I think Windows on ARM PCs means *less* emphasis on Windows Phone because x86 on ARM means UWP is going to look less critical
  • Thu, 14:03: oh! @tmyerson let's stop pretending running video is a demanding task for modern hardware! it's all done by hardware accelerators & decoders
  • Thu, 14:07: no-one talking about the most important thing. WHEN CAN I GET A SURFACE NOTE MINI? please! @panos_panay
  • Thu, 14:12: RT @katebevan: The more I think about the Guardian partnering with Vice, which has refused to recognise the NUJ, the more angry I become. P…
  • Thu, 14:13: RT @clarkis117: @marypcbuk @tmyerson or even better transcode the same MPEG2 to MPEG4/H.264 and if it can get more than 5 fps at 1080p then…
  • Thu, 14:15: RT @tmyerson: @h0x0d @maryjofoley Greetings from #WinHEC in Shenzhen, China! BTW, CHPE = Compiled Hybrid Portable Executable ;)
  • Thu, 14:17: RT @sbisson: Don't get too optimistic about the new WoA: you're looking at a replacement for 32-bit Atom devices.
  • Thu, 14:22: RT @sbisson: Wait. Does today's Cortana announcement mean that they've found a way to bring SMS Relay to iOS? And if so, will it be coming…
  • Thu, 14:23: RT @bdsams: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (deep breath) ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…
  • Thu, 14:43: RT @digitalFlaneuse: @UnderdogGeek 1. Yes, ppl do ask taxi drivers about their driving. 2. Asking for interpretable ML is an ethics tactic…
  • Thu, 16:28: RT @sonniesedge: @_tkwd @zeldman yeah well, we've spent years being nice about things and nobody has listened. Time has come to speak with…
  • Thu, 17:16: RT @kclemson: Did any beloved celebrities die in any previous year ever, or is that purely a 2016 thing?
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