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  • Mon, 17:35: RT @TerrySerio: Rupert Murdoch still trying to influence public opinion by demographic. One edition on right for Texas and one edition on l…
  • Mon, 17:42: we outsourced information curation to crowds; this is what we got ;(
  • Mon, 18:07: Amazon: let's have stores w no checkouts & we just scan you & everything you buy. Google: we just reflect the flood of awful content online
  • Mon, 18:19: How to use data to design the best market for your company | will we see behavioural economics as a service?
  • Mon, 18:23: interview with Microsoft's Preston McAfee was one of my favourite conversations this year: way more interesting q's than I could fit in too
  • Mon, 18:31: RT @erichorvitz: One of the results from the forthcoming AAAI paper on analysis of Long-Term Trends in the Public Perception of AI. #AI htt…
  • Mon, 18:32: RT @djammmer: @mminasi @jarwidmark Brad and I have used the "SCCMaaS" verbiage. What we mean, is we've made SCCM ship fast, and easy to dep…
  • Mon, 18:36: RT @deviparikh: Introducing VQA v2.0! A more balanced and bigger VQA dataset. @yashgoyal_ @tjskhot @DhruvBatraDB ht…
  • Mon, 19:04: RT @domipheus: Wanted a RISC-V toolchain on windows. No prebuilts, and it is all GNU. Enabled the win10 Linux subsystem. Built all from so…
  • Mon, 19:12: RT @dhh: I totally get the appeal of being a servant to others. But may I suggest a more grateful domain than OSS then? Something personal.
  • Mon, 19:13: RT @ericlaw: Desktop apps are going to be in real trouble when Google figures out how to support pasting images.
  • Mon, 20:26: interesting case study - how�Sitecore rewrote to run on Azure
  • Mon, 20:28: RT @mrjudkins: @ChappellTracker i don't understand the newfound anger over tweetstorms as format... 1/23
  • Mon, 20:31: RT @7im: "Fake news" is lazy language. Be specific. Do you mean: A) Propaganda B) Disinformation C) Conspiracy theory D) Clickbait
  • Mon, 20:38: HackerNews wanting to talk about technology without talking politics; peak geek fallacy on how tech & life are somehow not connected
  • Mon, 20:39: RT @mjg59: What Hacker News is not: a place to discuss the political impact of technical and social decisions made within the tech industry…
  • Mon, 20:41: RT @timbarrett: Stupid Outlook / Word trick: Highlight text and then hit Shift-F3. The text should change case automatically. Fixes #ALL
  • Mon, 20:44: RT @mjg59: HN admin explicitly says that stories about race and gender fall into the set of things that will be blocked:
  • Mon, 20:52: RT @zeynep: Facebook AI demo: can we ID protesters vs police? Uh-huh. DEAR ENGINEERS. WE GOT YOUR WARNING. WE ARE TRYING. YOU TRY FROM I…
  • Mon, 21:23: Generating Documentation for TypeScript Projects in VS Code; CloudFlare is open sourcing some tools to help
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