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  • Mon, 13:26: I think a lot of this Michal Nielsen essay is about what @wasbuxton glosses as 'sketching' & of course Vygostsky �
  • Mon, 13:27: it is amazing how many interesting ideas about interface &process &agents come down to Vygotsky in the end & now I'm thinking of @jsnover
  • Mon, 13:27: RT @Eric_Stover: I'll block you if I see tweets from your dryer. @internetofshit
  • Mon, 13:46: RT @MichaelPDeacon: I am reliably informed that the man dressed as a leprechaun at the Supreme Court is a defrocked Irish priest who disrup…
  • Mon, 13:47: this article is about the dancing laicized Roman Catholic priest. For One Direction member, see Niall Horan
  • Mon, 14:09: @misangenius pro tip: when they're not designed or manufactured by the company, they're not actually their handsets
  • Mon, 14:11: RT @migueldeicaza: Shipping MonoDevelop with FlatPaknon Linux
  • Mon, 14:28: why yes, my blog today is another beat-down on the Windows 10 Mobile keyboard; I alternate those with placeholder rants ;)
  • Mon, 14:44: phen from phaino, I show. so Euphenism would be showing something that looks good, but isn't. Trump made up a great word!
  • Mon, 14:56: RT @Pinboard: In your youth, you look at inefficient systems and think how to trivially fix them. Later, you look at them and wonder what y…
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