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  • Sun, 15:44: RT @callmebrowne: Since Trump isn't really gonna be using the White House, I wonder if he plans to AirBnB it. Might be cool to do a night i…
  • Sun, 15:46: RT @ntouk: at the preview of the new Design Museum – great to see the old Commonwealth Institute back in use https://t.co/1pggTqPyZt
  • Sun, 15:47: RT @jntrnr: Bummer. Returning my new xps 13. Started making mechanical clicking sound. I've now had 4 kaby lake (7th gen) laptops that did…
  • Sun, 15:47: RT @GreatDismal: Thinking yesterday of the fine irony of Ballard having become the literally prescient one, not the "hard science" crew. No…
  • Mon, 00:40: RT @khellang: Lots of small "paper cut" API proposals getting some love in #dotnetcore lately. Great seeing these long lost additions makin…
  • Mon, 00:45: TFW one of your favorite actors turns out to also be a standout human being. Thanks @Cary_Elwes !
  • Mon, 00:46: #trumperdink trumperdink trumperdink!
  • Mon, 00:46: RT @Pinboard: If you’re concerned a Trump administration threatens privacy, write them a strongly-worded email and save it in your Gmail dr…
  • Mon, 00:52: RT @Pinboard: If you agree that we need to consider nuking our Facebook accounts, connect with me on LinkedIn!
  • Mon, 00:53: RT @Pinboard: Delightful that the process for finding out what Facebook actually stores long-term is “have insiders secretly text random du…
  • Mon, 00:55: RT @Pinboard: Facebook data is all one hot mess, so if the EU imposes a requirement, it gets implemented sitewide. Excellent example of use…
  • Mon, 00:55: RT @Pinboard: FB person has told me that if you delete your account, the site will soft-delete for a few weeks, then really actually scrub…
  • Mon, 01:00: RT @maltanar: Gist: FPGAs can do trillions of binary ops/sec, and binarized neural nets can put this to good use. 12k FPS on CIFAR-10, 12M…
  • Mon, 01:03: RT @katebevan: Yep, it does. Just logged in and sure enough, it shows my password in plain text in the url. That's *appalling* https://t.co
  • Mon, 01:07: RT @sarahjeong: Media: Peter Thiel helped a fascist into power Facebook board: free speech Media: what about Gawker Facebook: free spee…
  • Mon, 01:12: RT @davidfrum: Why did Trump settle the Trump U case? Because the time for puny million dollar scams has ended. The time for billion dollar…



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