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  • Thu, 17:26: RT @akoeplinger: @onovotny the openssl dependency will be replaced by the Apple crypto stack in the future:
  • Thu, 20:24: So what trump said to May is either whatever or 'this is crazy we just met but call me maybe, you're hot '
  • Fri, 00:30: RT @gcaughey: More discussion about UWP vs. WPF: the goal is to close the gaps that remain that keep developers from using UWP for LOB apps…
  • Fri, 00:31: RT @gcaughey: Q: What is the future of WPF vs. UWP? A: UWP XAML stack is getting all investments now, but WPF is  sometimes still better (f…
  • Fri, 00:32: RT @tomwarren: Seems to be a common complaint. Ahh Apple, all you had to do was make an actual pro laptop
  • Fri, 00:38: Hmmm; looks like build 14971 has some annoying bugs - maybe one to skip
  • Fri, 00:47: RT @gcaughey: Q: When with UWP support .NET Standard? A: The goal is to make that happen as fast as they can. #MSFTConnect
  • Fri, 00:48: RT @gcaughey: New APIs for Windows are built first in WinRT now. #MSFTConnect
  • Fri, 00:49: RT @TeklaPerry: UPenn's Draugelis: Health AI is "about optimization, personalization, and insights. It’s not about a driverless health syst…
  • Fri, 00:51: RT @gcaughey: Q: Are there plans to add modding capability to the Store? A: Nothing to announce but we understand the need for extensibilit…
  • Fri, 00:53: I see Mark Benioff is back to not being able to not mention Microsoft ;)
  • Fri, 00:53: RT @gcaughey: Q: How fast are developers adopting UWP for maps? A: Adoption of UWP is the fastest adoption (compared with Silverlight for e…
  • Fri, 00:53: RT @gcaughey: Some UWP apps are launched a lot: Camera, Groove, Movies and TV, Maps, Mail and Calendar are some examples. Microsoft is comm…
  • Fri, 00:54: RT @crandycodes: I think this is the best advice on serverless vs containers/etc. Start managed, and then move down the spectrum of infrast…
  • Fri, 00:56: RT @alex: for love is a fickle thing, as fleeting as the turn of the quarter, never further from your heart than the whisper of margin com…
  • Fri, 00:56: RT @cloud_opinion: I am reaching a conclusion that I will never again let my team build another app on VMs or Containers. AWS Lambda or Azu…
  • Fri, 01:02: RT @tedneward: It’s a brand-new world, folks. Microsoft <3s Java. For realz.
  • Fri, 01:02: RT @gcaughey: Q: Are there any plans for a local lightweight SQL Server? A: Think about using a docker for lightweight approach. #MSFTConn
  • Fri, 01:14: RT @TProphet: Seattle pitch competitions are full of boring unsexy B2B stuff that will just make a ton of money. Huge contrast with consume…
  • Fri, 01:17: RT @0xLukeKim: New versions of @Sysinternals tools LiveKD, NotMyFault, Procdump, Process Explorer, Sysmon and Testlimit posted. https://t.c…
  • Fri, 01:17: RT @ZeddRebel: No, really, we just wasted 4 years over Hillary's private server and now Prez-Elect Trump is talking to world leaders on his…
  • Fri, 01:21: RT @jsnover: New PaaS services are avail for Azure Stack TP2. Moving fast/taking names!
  • Fri, 01:23: RT @FeyTechnologist: I cannot believe it's easier to build an iOS app on a PC in Visual Studio (cause you can actually test the touch featu…
  • Fri, 01:30: Don't worry about trump calling world leaders on an unsecured line; if they say anything interesting, he'll tell the kids, Putin etc anyway
  • Fri, 11:19: I'm sure we all assumed it but now we know Twitter uses algorithms not editors to check ads and promoted tweets #gameon
  • Fri, 11:23: People don't like having their public information scraped, aggregated& leaked. Tyranny of efficiency strikes again!
  • Fri, 11:25: Tyranny of efficiency; wholesale rather than individual action becomes oppressive & likely turns into tragedy of the commons by overgrazing
  • Fri, 11:34: Reproducible Builds - the Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative is funding proactive security
  • Fri, 11:41: wonder how Microsoft hosts Russian customer data in Russia for the new law.�no Azure region there, at least..
  • Fri, 11:46: so just putting the phone in the same drawer as the charger does not charge it. *years* of wireless charging spoiled me!
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