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  • Wed, 01:07: RT @NellieBowles: On the phone with Facebook PR and they literally ask me "what is truth"
  • Wed, 01:09: Anyone else reading the IBM/100 years of experience bit of that letter to Trump and thinking back to what they contributed in the 1940s?
  • Wed, 01:10: RT @TProphet: So many examples in the app and startup world of "just because you can build something doesn't mean you should"
  • Wed, 01:12: RT @TProphet: An app called Double Dog pays teens to do crazy dares. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Wed, 01:17: RT @vishalsood: A BIG hello to Admins - "Manage Microsoft Stream: Admin Capabilities" https://t.co/IFTGjSWqfL#MicrosoftStream
  • Wed, 01:19: RT @bluedonkey: 4. Finally, I love the statement that being ‘data-informed’ is better than ‘data-driven’ - that is so, so important.
  • Wed, 01:19: RT @kylealden: We've got big things in mind for @MSEdgeDev dev tools & more, and we need your help getting there! Hiring web & C++ devs lik…
  • Wed, 01:22: RT @mattzollerseitz: Roommate: "The next four years are either gonna be V FOR VENDETTA or CADDYSHACK." Pray for CADDYSHACK.
  • Wed, 01:23: RT @JoyAnnReid: The "double vote prevention" system, combined with voter challenges, voter ID and tossing provisional ballots could swing a…
  • Wed, 01:24: RT @wycats: originally: "if the host site does not comply with DNT." now: "from a provider whose Do Not Track policy does not match Medium'…
  • Wed, 01:24: RT @longwall26: Bannon: I'm a racist Bannon's supporters: He's a racist Bannon's opponents: He's a racist Media: Is Steve Bannon a Racist?…
  • Wed, 01:27: RT @Sickhead: Looking to fill a coding internship position. Core requirements: C# & C++. XNA/MonoGame/console a plus. Paid. Full time prefe…
  • Wed, 01:29: RT @Mister_Robotics: Bottoms Up: The Ballmer Peak Is Real, Study Says https://t.co/TILDsmQkid
  • Wed, 11:47: RT @alan_p_martin: If you want to break into tech journalism, you should definitely apply for this paid internship and sit next to me. http…
  • Wed, 11:51: Scottish labour party as flailing as the rest of the labour party I see. My kingdom for a real opposition! (literally, alas)
  • Wed, 11:52: RT @robmanuel: Calling it "fake news" depoliticises it. Could call it what it is: propaganda. "Facebook's propaganda problem" but that migh…
  • Wed, 11:53: RT @Asher_Wolf: Pls don't ask non-tech activists to learn command line. https://t.co/uyiVIOQo3e
  • Wed, 11:55: RT @gralefrit: Post-truth Pat. Post-truth Pat. Post-truth Pat and his black-is-white cat.
  • Wed, 11:55: RT @markwilsonit: Excellent post by @marnixwolf answered a long-standing question for me: when to use SCOM and when to use OMS: https://t.c…
  • Wed, 11:57: So what does the Google photo scanning app have that Office Lens doesn't?
  • Wed, 12:34: RT @mikelikesitalot: Found another bug today that involved code assuming clocks across VM's are all perfectly, magically in sync. Makes mes…
  • Wed, 12:34: RT @DrPizza: @SwiftOnSecurity if you don't have men in balaclavas using computers, how will anyone know it's about hacking?
  • Wed, 12:40: RT @venzann: . @AdamFowler_IT Have you ever seen a press release written by engineers that got to press without sales/marketing sticking th…
  • Wed, 12:42: RT @MalwareMinigun: If I see another "we want to grant a user access to read this file but only through my application" thread I'm going to…
  • Wed, 12:43: RT @XboxQwik: On the 15th birthday of Xbox, we need to thank all the developers. Without their creativity and amazing visions, we would be…
  • Wed, 12:43: RT @xuhulk: Silicon Valley rhetoric: 2008: Our tools will change the world 2016: I don't know how to filter anything I can't read suddenly…
  • Wed, 12:48: Gadfly. Controversial. Is the main stream media in the US dog whistling to liberals now?
  • Wed, 12:50: RT @katebevan: For the everloving love of fuck. I realise this can serve as a general-purpose Tweet Of Despair. https://t.co/O3PpgajXWS
  • Wed, 12:53: RT @MarkXA: All Facebook need to do is categorise posts into "Friends", "Clickbait" and "Propaganda". I think that covers everything I ever…
  • Wed, 13:48: RT @freddiedeboer: Forbidding looking for any causes of Trump's victory but bigotry is like forbidding examining the role of US foreign pol…



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