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  • Mon, 00:34: RT @dhinchcliffe: @WSJ And I feel a bit sorry for us long timers in the industry: I realize how many hundreds of "me too" #chat apps are co…
  • Mon, 01:11: RT @mattyglesias: The only way to predict this outcome would have been to possess rudimentary knowledge about how email works https://t.co/
  • Mon, 01:14: RT @Robynred_breast: I want to like vr but I need to find a developer who understands that we can't all duck and weave projectiles.
  • Mon, 01:14: RT @pwnallthethings: Looking forward to three years time when the FOIAs for all the FBI's internal discussions of this week get to the head…
  • Mon, 01:18: RT @docjamesw: The more testers you put on a project, the more you will need. Testers are self-fulfilling prophecy. https://t.co/pvSf6G4Ori
  • Mon, 10:23: RT @AndrewStoneman: "Judges should be independent unless they rules against us in which case we should remove them" #r4today
  • Mon, 10:23: RT @Pinboard: What I thought was a overblown dystopian scenario in 2002 turned out to be naive optimism.
  • Mon, 10:28: RT @Trump_ton: UK: We don't need the EU - look we can trade with India! India : We want free movement of people UK: ....
  • Mon, 10:33: RT @donasarkar: When you create your OWN success, you're not afraid to lose it all. You already know how to get it back. Thanks @garyvee fo…
  • Mon, 10:33: RT @qirex: @Pinboard no Mister Bond, I expect you to... uh, idk complain about it online?
  • Mon, 10:44: RT @Pinboard: For a site that everyone calls a failing business with no reason to exist, Twitter sure causes a lot of panic when it’s brief…
  • Mon, 10:44: RT @JohnnyMercerMP: I spent half my life in countries where the judiciary do what politicians tell them to. You wouldn't want to live there…
  • Mon, 10:51: RT @fscavo: Lots of juicy gossip here: How LinkedIn Drove a Wedge Between Microsoft and Salesforce https://t.co/3xdHtX9ob2 #ensw
  • Mon, 10:54: RT @shakir_za: Sunday classic paper: Nelder and Wedderburn's 1972 GLM paper-reshaped statistical thinking. https://t.co/vUQ6k7mTfS https://…
  • Mon, 10:57: RT @JZdziarski: Based on the public details of the case, there’s no excuse to not have de-duplicated Clinton’s emails before informing memb…
  • Mon, 11:02: RT @sarahmccammon: Trump says "media elite" have no idea what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck, w/ threat of layoffs. (Does that incl…
  • Mon, 11:02: RT @caro_milanesi: Google Home cannot hear me from across the room but will reply to every Pixel tv ad #SubliminalMarketing
  • Mon, 11:03: RT @the_pc_doc: Kinda funny watching people who wanted to "take back control" from EU now whining about UK law. https://t.co/bs9dF3vs1E
  • Mon, 11:05: RT @dsquareddigest: I literally made my living for 15 years out of spotting CEOs who were bluffing without a plan. May is setting off all m…
  • Mon, 11:06: RT @marcuschown: Retweet if you think the NHS would be safer run by this baby koala chewing a eucalyptus leaf than the Conservatives https:…



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