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My tweets

  • Sun, 20:11: RT @DavMicRot: Trump supporters tweeting at me Clinton aide should just release all her emails, from all accounts, publicly, if she had not…
  • Sun, 20:11: RT @DavMicRot: Apparently, no sense of irony that Trump has not released tax returns, details of Trump Foundation, & Trump business interna…
  • Sun, 20:45: RT @sampauk_: #Stolen #Dog Alert #Paignton Saluki X black with white neck & socks stolen from homeless man ex forces 07766495491 https://t…
  • Sun, 20:48: RT @mattyglesias: I wonder what share of people upset about Clinton's email server know what an email server is.
  • Sun, 20:48: RT @stevesi: Last full year (2015) Apple sold more iOS devices (286M) than entire x86 ecosystem incl. servers (278M). YTD 2016 is 205M v 20…
  • Sun, 20:50: RT @glennsc: @stevesi wondering about all those x86 VMs spun up in public cloud providers -- part of ecosystem
  • Sun, 21:05: good lord people. 33,000 emails is *not a lot*. I figure 33k emails go through our mail server for me alone in 18 months
  • Sun, 21:29: RT @mhoye: @dalmaer @humphd I'm a (small) part of a research project right now that studies if developers understand software licenses. Syn…
  • Sun, 21:30: RT @sbisson: Recent Office fast ring builds bring back the Recent folder view option in Save dialogs. Phew. I was missing that.
  • Sun, 21:31: thanks admins! the process for getting fast ring for Office 365 is insanely complex, because admins want to gatekeep for users
  • Mon, 03:25: RT @troyhunt: I asked "Do people actually do that?!" "Oh yeah, all the time!" Well I guess this attitude keeps me in job...
  • Mon, 03:28: RT @lukaseder: Macsplaining, noun: The act of frequently re-adjusting one's habits and devices to be able to assert condescendingly that M…
  • Mon, 03:28: RT @backlon: Number of times I reached up from the Touch Bar to tap the screen despite KNOWING it's not a touchscreen in a half hour span l…
  • Mon, 03:30: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Europeans can rest assured that Americans are not irrational. None of us got that far in math class.
  • Mon, 03:32: Usually the Apple snark stops after a day, right? Not all weekend and on...



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