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  • Tue, 20:42: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Server 2016 completely eliminates individual updates & hotfixes, every month will cumulatively include every update. h…
  • Tue, 20:44: RT @JamieXML: Top session topic at #IIW: self-sovereignty. More on this later. (It's about user-centricity, not Duck Dynasty types claiming…
  • Wed, 01:04: RT @alex: Still in awe that the Fiber piece from Google buried the 1. retrenchment from strategy 2. layoffs 3. no more CEO I mean, we can…
  • Wed, 01:16: Wow, I didn't know ex yammer CEO David Sacks used to be this hard; Thiel's views seem more consistent
  • Wed, 01:38: RT @jamiesont: If you've only just discovered the bleak dystopian future world of Black Mirror another show you should definitely check out…
  • Wed, 01:51: RT @mcclure111: (I'm not ACTUALLY anti-technology now! I'm just against technology that increases centralization of power in the hands of e…
  • Wed, 01:53: RT @stufox: Near native GPU performance in Azure GPU due to use of Windows Server 2016 DDA #MSIgniteNZ
  • Wed, 01:54: RT @ALASKANJACKSON: YoY revenue decline in Apple's 3 main product lines: iPhone -13%. iPad -0.5%, Mac -17%
  • Wed, 01:57: RT @cfiessinger: Introducing guest access for Office 365 Groups > coming to all tenants near you since worldwide rollout has started! https…
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