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  • Thu, 22:22: RT @erinchapple: Excited about Containers in #WS2016, check it out: SQL Server 2016 Express Edition available in Windows containers https:/…
  • Thu, 22:22: RT @charlesfitz: 3/ AWS-VMW “deal” losers Red Hat – will have to do half-assed hybrid deal with Google, accelerate leakage to cloud where…
  • Thu, 22:24: RT @stefsull: Interesting that people think there must be choreography for all these women to come forward at once. Clearly none have exper…
  • Thu, 22:25: RT @stefsull: That's how abuse works. You shut your mouth. Internalize it. Let them get away with it. Until someone SAYS IT MUTHERFUCKING O…
  • Thu, 22:32: VMware moving to AWS is a compliment to Microsoft, breathing down their neck with Hyper-V and Azure
  • Thu, 22:35: the letter from NYT's lawers is up there with Private Eye's classic in Arkell v Pressdram ;)
  • Thu, 22:38: RT @msuster: Ben Carson has ruined my ability to use the analogy of a "brain surgeon" in positive light. PLEASE no rocket scientists go cra…
  • Thu, 22:41: RT @charlesfitz: 1/ AWS-VMW “deal” winners AWS – another competitor bows down Microsoft – AWS endorses hybrid
  • Thu, 22:41: RT @charlesfitz: 2/ AWS-VMW “deal” losers VMW – hello Rackspace! Diane Green – maybe less time doing PR?
  • Thu, 23:00: RT @CPmsft: Excited that news about #MSDyn365 Ops (#AX7) Onprem model is out! Will support deployment on #AzureStack, yet not require it!…
  • Thu, 23:43: RT @jakerobinson: @CTOAdvisor It's vSphere, not vCD...
  • Fri, 01:19: RT @jongalloway: Business model suggestion for @twitter: $5 / month to hide Trends, Moments, Live Video on web and all my devices. Just twe…
  • Fri, 01:21: RT @ErrataRob: There are no new ideas in software security -- just new idiots with ideas. https://t.co/daCnmPeHTD
  • Fri, 01:23: RT @DylanByers: Two @nytimes sources tell me there were bursts of applause for general counsel David McCraw when he walked through newsroom…
  • Fri, 01:23: RT @ChappellTracker: Are you a woman seeking your own power? Start here: When someone tells you you're "just being emotional," reply "YEP…
  • Fri, 01:24: RT @BikeMrown: @mikebaz most ent. can't even move to next version of Windows within 2 years but think they can switch everything? LOL
  • Fri, 01:28: RT @getwired: If only there was a vendor who had a cloud _and_ on-premises story. If only...
  • Fri, 03:15: Hello SFO. Dear Seattle; please try not to be too windy when we try to land, love Nervous Flier
  • Fri, 03:18: Also, dear Seattle, here we come
  • Fri, 03:30: RT @Pinboard: Maybe after Trump makes tawdry remarks about another dozen children it will be okay to say “we really wish a YC partner hadn’…



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