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  • Wed, 23:49: RT @garwboy: People who angrily say that criticising Britain is 'unpatriotic' have presumably never been to Britain or spoken to a British…
  • Wed, 23:57: RT @HollyGraceful: Hackers don't break software, they simply demonstrate that it was already broken.
  • Thu, 00:32: RT @nigelwUK: Poor Tesco, discovering they can't bully Unilever the same way they bully farmers
  • Thu, 00:38: RT @csoghoian: Podesta emails reveal that Susan Rice, Obama's national security advisor uses AOL, just like the CIA Director.
  • Thu, 00:42: RT @abetterpc: Remember folks, just because it let's you install LTSB doesn't mean you should. It should be rarer than a CAS! :-) #MNSCUG
  • Thu, 00:56: I know 2016 is pretty bad, but FYI we lost Dennis Ritchie in 2011; not sure why the obit is going around today!
  • Thu, 03:33: ok, is this new or have I just never clicked it before? onedrive app view inside explorer
  • Thu, 04:09: RT @neilhimself: I just remembered that I liked Twitter better in the days before I thought of it as the 'Oh Dear God What Has Donald Trump…
  • Thu, 04:10: RT @Julie_rodgers: I sure do wish Christian Trump supporters had been able to tap into all this grace and forgiveness when my LGBT friends…
  • Thu, 04:11: RT @jeffsand: Being a boomerang was good for me. Learned so much at Twitter and I returned to Microsoft a better employee. Your mileage may…
  • Thu, 04:48: RT @kurrik: Next time you talk about trying to design something so simple your mother could use it try using a sewing machine you condescen…
  • Thu, 04:50: Ohhhh. Did the 5th anniversary of Ritchie's death hit Facebook as trending news? LOL
  • Thu, 05:23: RT @tlupick: At the current rate of women coming forward (4/1h), the number of women who will make accusations against #Trump by November 8…
  • Thu, 06:56: RT @JYSexton: There are so many women who've been assaulted watching television tonight and seeing what happens when you speak up in this c…
  • Thu, 07:27: RT @simon_mich: Excited to announce Botmetrics Middleware for Microsoft #botframework Just add middleware & start collecting data! https:/…
  • Thu, 07:51: RT @xjoeduffyx: I often reread Butler's System Design paper when I run into a tough design problem: So much wisdom…
  • Thu, 07:53: RT @bryan_talbot: Bryan is on #BBC1 on Sunday at 3:45pm in "the Books That Made Britain" broadcast in the North East and Cumbria - please #…
  • Thu, 07:53: RT @BobbyFriedman: 52% of people hate Marmite. We should respect the will of the British people and not have access to Marmite
  • Thu, 08:10: Social media is where we carefully analyze current affairs... Everyone on twitter retweets 5 year old obituary as new not noticing the date
  • Thu, 15:02: Photos: A tour inside one of Microsoft's cloud datacenters #zdnet
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