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  • Tue, 19:40: RT @jessysaurusrex: Noticing privacy policy updates in your inbox? Many changes are just companies moving to comply with EU Privacy Shield…
  • Tue, 20:56: RT @adamzea: @stevesi I don't know, having navigation buttons at the top of a 5.5" touch screen phone is still pretty terrible.
  • Tue, 20:57: Salesforce wedging a demo of Office competitor Quip into the session on integrations with Microsoft because "it runs in Windows" LOL #DF16
  • Tue, 20:58: RT @cstross: I don’t like the way the right-wing racist jackasses running the island I live on are turning me shrill and paranoid.
  • Tue, 21:01: RT @_PDubya: The Microsoft Azure Bandwagon. Not just for fans anymore. @GavinMcShera #ignite2016
  • Tue, 21:03: Yahoo really didn't see security as anything to care about, did they
  • Tue, 21:03: RT @zeldman: Design that accommodates low vision is also good for mobile users. Design for the extremes and you help everyone. @feather #ae
  • Tue, 21:04: RT @mikko: Market values, five years later: IBM: $150 billion Microsoft: $445 billion Apple: $610 billion
  • Tue, 21:56: Want a conspiracy theory for the SpaceX explosion? Are there environmental activists who think we shouldn't c colonizer but leave Mars red?
  • Tue, 21:57: RT @kristenhare: "Hey Kristen, I have a story idea for you. It has nothing to do with the thing you cover, but I'm going to follow up at le…
  • Tue, 22:04: The good news for Yahoo is that their security team found the mail scanner "within weeks". The question is how many of those people stayed
  • Tue, 22:29: RT @Pinboard: Rough day to be a recruiter for Yahoo security! Gotta keep straightening out that “Hang In There!” poster on the old cubicle…
  • Tue, 22:46: RT @Pinboard: Verizon: “So… that code that reads everyone’s email. That terrible, unethical code you wrote. Is that still around somewhere?”
  • Tue, 22:51: Sales dude and sales dude at Dreamforce
  • Wed, 00:50: I just invented* the term 'data sconce'. will define as a pot of data transformed into a pool of�insight vomit�*typoed
  • Wed, 00:54: RT @SpliterCBb: @marypcbuk @DJSnM @angealbertini You forgot C++ "You build a princess-rescuing knight factory, each one inherits from a man…
  • Wed, 01:21: RT @bdsams: That noise you hear is the EU thinking about how it will spend Google's money.
  • Wed, 01:30: RT @bcrypt: irony: at the same time this was going on, I and my teammates at Yahoo were working on e2e encryption for Yahoo Mail.
  • Wed, 01:38: airline web site doesn't take non us address for credit cards. call center v friendly, but on the�SEVENTH attempt to take my credit card ;(
  • Wed, 01:45: RT @mat: And this is something no tech company seems to get. People often live in groups. Things for the home should support families, room…
  • Wed, 01:45: RT @captainsafia: As an engineer you are constantly in a state of discomfort and intellectual incompleteness, a state most people aren't co…
  • Wed, 01:53: still on the phone. send help!
  • Wed, 07:12: RT @sbisson: So many ex-MS folk at Salesforce saying hi to @marypcbuk and me.
  • Wed, 07:30: RT @shanselman: Not every disability is visible. Nearly everyone's got something you can't see.
  • Wed, 07:31: I love Virgin America but they no longer fix tech problems quickly. Discovered today they switched to Oracle. Correlation or causation?
  • Wed, 07:33: @StevenGuggs hey, how long are you around for?
  • Wed, 07:38: Correlation sounds too deliberate. Let's call it happenstance
  • Wed, 07:39: HuffPo has just discovered Private Eye. Oh dear oh dear oh dear
  • Wed, 07:39: RT @JulietEMcKenna: So the Tories insist only British people will be able to work for the foreign companies they sold our water, power, rai…
  • Wed, 07:40: RT @MSmithsonPB: The BREXIT devaluation of the £ continues. Latest market rate for Euro €1.12. Tourist rates much lower
  • Wed, 07:47: RT @sbisson: Dear @virginamerica. Please fix your website to work with non-US credit cards. Your phone folk are helpful, but we’d rather no…
  • Wed, 07:51: This @BradSmi interview is timely given the Yahoo news
  • Wed, 07:55: RT @markrussinovich: We've migrated 100% of our mission-critical treasury apps (managing $300B in annual cash movement) to Azure: https://t…
  • Wed, 09:38: RT @codepo8: If UK firms have to list foreign workers I want that dataset with cross reference to income and skill. This will be interestin…
  • Wed, 09:39: Dear Tory party; please keep clearly demonstrating that you put party before country & then give us an imminent opportunity to vote you out
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    Tue, 12:01: RT @ hzeffman: Decision came after a meeting with Nick Brown, Labour's chief whip, this morning. Labour sources say Starmer told…

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    Sun, 15:28: when you are reading the last book in a series & it is SO GOOD that you have to read it at full speed but it is also SO GOOD…

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