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  • Mon, 00:42: RT @trengriffin: If this friend of mine argues with you he thinks you are smart. If he says nothing it is probable he thinks you aren't wor…
  • Mon, 00:44: RT @Millicentsomer: 5. Same with minorities. (One of anthropology’s early problems was the ease of labeling behaviors and cultures that are…
  • Mon, 00:44: RT @Millicentsomer: 6. while you, the implied (white male) observer, remain gloriously exempt. You are capable of universality, of transcen…
  • Mon, 00:45: RT @Millicentsomer: 23. Myths of male and female "genius" follow our dumb scripts for male and female life. Men FASHION their lives/stories…
  • Mon, 00:51: RT @kennwhite: Stunning. “Report showed that…many clinical trial outcomes were written before the trials had actually taken place” https://…
  • Mon, 01:09: RT @erichorvitz: And up comes an example of limited inference -- now getting Twitter bodybuilding-related recommendations. https://t.co/gro
  • Mon, 01:10: RT @AndrewYNg: 3 years ago Microsoft was looking irrelevant. But with bets on AI & cloud @satyanadella has done fantastic job transforming…
  • Mon, 01:11: RT @PyroTek3: Windows 10 (1607) & Windows Server 2016 domain members now support time at 1 ms accuracy. https://t.co/ODgdSEmIzD https://t.c…
  • Mon, 01:12: RT @CopperheadOS: If it's okay for people to use the source code as a reference without their work being considered derivative, we won't be…
  • Mon, 01:12: RT @CopperheadOS: We're going to be keeping some major in-development features internal until we're confident that the new licensing is goi…
  • Mon, 01:13: Snow and hail as we cross the Sierras; California, you have rain - at least today
  • Mon, 01:30: the #bing homepage is where we just came from. are you stalking us on @bingmaps ? ;)
  • Mon, 01:49: TFW you come out from getting coffee and you look up and see a Google internet balloon https://t.co/7Q87hhFIYT
  • Mon, 01:50: if you like the snippets of food, scenery and tech from our travels, we'll have something you might be interested in reading by & by...
  • Mon, 01:52: RT @SciBry: BEST SCIENTIFIC ABSTRACT EVER https://t.co/rKBxt2bGZ1 https://t.co/VbTjnppoqf
  • Mon, 01:57: RT @RyanLaBouve: I don't know who did this graphic... but it's fantastic for introducing programmers to functional programming concepts #ja
  • Mon, 02:03: RT @IvoHDaalder: Results of referenda in Colombia and Hungary, show what Britain already taught us: A referendum is no way to make public p…
  • Mon, 02:07: you say 'subsidizing jobs' I say 'decent salaries 4 public sector jobs�delivering valuable services' inc BBC�https://t.co/3YvY749fmh @judell
  • Mon, 02:27: RT @Asher_Wolf: Eventually, I became so angry *at my own male sockpuppet* for not having to put up with the shit I get here I stopped using…
  • Mon, 02:56: @Pinboard in your wonderful deep fried data piece, is "being on Focussing" meant to say "being on Facebook" or am I missing a joke?



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