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  • Wed, 18:45: RT @sbisson: Github Enterprise, open source in the entgerprise. "It's an 'and' world, not an 'or' world." #githubuniverse
  • Wed, 18:52: to me, gov buying software multiple times for different departments is as much a management/licencing failure as a philosophical thing
  • Wed, 18:57: it's not open versus closed source; it's internal & external collaboration, enterprise & government policy on sharing code�#githubuniverse
  • Wed, 18:59: state of the #octoverse; if you're surprised Microsoft top of the list by open source contributors (16k+),you've not been paying attention
  • Wed, 19:06: being able to mandate 2FA & getting SAML auth next year; nice to see GitHub grokking that controlling access matters #githubuniverse
  • Wed, 19:14: RT @sarahmei: "Microsoft is Github's biggest open-source contributor." [pause] "What a time to be alive." 😂 @defunkt #githubuniverse
  • Wed, 19:17: RT @pifafu: 🎉🎉🎉 ✨✨✨ #github #githubuniverse cc @defunkt
  • Wed, 19:18: RT @timanderson: Revamped GitHub profiles "rich review into someone's entire history on GitHub" interesting for recruitment! #githubuniverse
  • Wed, 19:19: GitHub has a graph, your profile has your contribution history; team analytics could consume that the way they'll consume LinkedIn
  • Wed, 19:20: RT @Pinboard: “Cloud-based collaboration tool raises a $10M Series A with Jared Leto and Kevin Spacey as investors.” No bubble her…
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