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  • Sun, 02:32: RT @nickspencer: Only in America do we see the rise of white nationalism and agonize over whether or not we're being too rude to it.
  • Sun, 02:45: RT @levie: Me: We had thousands of people at our conference! 98 y/o grandpa: Can't you just do it electronically? Touch�.
  • Sun, 02:48: RT @holly: If anyone can help me trace this man, it would mean the world to a loved one of mine - his blood relative. Please RT https://t.c…
  • Sun, 02:49: RT @jeffwilcox: Azure's F series SSD VMs are so snappy, I'm no longer using a VM on my personal Mac to do Windows development, just rocking…
  • Sun, 03:14: Where have you been today, Mary? ;)
  • Sun, 03:42: RT @thegrugq: The information war you should be thinking about is how to make verifying truth vs bullshit easier.
  • Sun, 03:46: Sometime in my timeline recently said they like Swedish fish sweets. If they confess publicly, I can hand some over
  • Sun, 04:13: Who knew Bellevue had a ravine?!
  • Sun, 09:59: the bot ecosystem looks a bit of a mess; Microsoft comes out�fairly well in the survey, IBM doesn't even place �
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