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  • Wed, 17:23: Experian CIO�"with any technology shift, architecture generally is ahead of engineering ability to embrace the solution"
  • Wed, 17:30: I'm getting just the tiniest hint that Okta is still a bit peeved with Microsoft over that sponsorship argument
  • Wed, 17:43: Slack: most active users keep it open 10 hours a day, have cursor moving 2 hours/day. me: do they love it or is that FOMO?
  • Wed, 17:48: really interesting point from Facebook at Work; the corporate email address is no longer the foundation of business identity #oktane16
  • Wed, 20:05: RT @jeffteper: So excited to announce all #Office365 Groups get #SharePoint Team Sites with modern UX including new page creation. https://…
  • Wed, 20:06: RT @teroalhonen: @maryjofoley W10 Enterprise: defer receiving feature updates for up to 180 days, quality updates for up to 30 days https:/…
  • Wed, 23:41: RT @jerrynixon: Impaired surfers rejoice! @MicrosoftEdge is 100% accessible at last - and the only browser to claim it. @MSFTEnable https:/…
  • Wed, 23:44: RT @_mlockwood: Could not get anywhere near the @NVIDIA booth at #VMworld - impressive interest in GRID.
  • Thu, 06:23: RT @WorkingHardInIT: If getting 2 VMs takes longer & costs more than buying, racking & configuring 2 physical servers you've failed at priv…
  • Thu, 06:28: Bill Laing is retiring? He made Windows Server a critical tool and Azure credible
  • Thu, 06:30: Hey #LinkedIn the only thing on this page that doesn't work in mobile IE is the close button on your annoying pop-up
  • Thu, 06:32: That's not water in the desert; that's the reflection of the solar panel array
  • Thu, 06:42: RT @Clarkezone: In case you missed it WPF was updated to be per-monitor DPI aware back when .NET 4.6.2 went out.  Sample here:
  • Thu, 06:48: RT @cdixon: "The most technologically efficient machine ever invented is the book.” –Northrop Frye
  • Thu, 06:49: RT @DBArgenis: Dude to me at booth: "Can you tell me why your product is better over the competition" Me: "What's your role at <competitor>…
  • Thu, 06:50: RT @neiltyson: Objective truths are established by evidence. Personal truths by faith. Political truths by incessant repetition.
  • Thu, 06:51: RT @tomtomorrow: OK time travelers coming back to save the future, anytime now would be good
  • Thu, 07:07: RT @CopperheadOS: Still think that if browsers aren't going to remove bad CAs they should at least be changing their shiny green locks to p…
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    Thu, 12:22: RT @ girlgerms: This is the "If you have nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about" argument. And it's fucking bullshit.…

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    Wed, 13:16: RT @ agiletortoise: Any Apple folks on accessibility/Web APIs out there? FB9097387: CloudKit JS generated sign in and sign out…

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    Mon, 12:26: RT @ tomwarren: at many pubs in London you now have to part with your name, phone number, and address just to order a pint. This…

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