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  • Thu, 14:02: RT @msuster: 3/ Behind every great founding team of 2-3 there are masses of rank-and-file who do 99% of work in support of the mission & se…
  • Thu, 14:06: RT @joshtpm: Just think. Within 72 hrs Trump will do something more crazy and morally grotesque than anything he's done to date.
  • Thu, 14:08: RT @edzitron: New macbook is noticeably faster, and I can’t wait to never use an iPad Pro again. Give it 2 days though I probably hate it s…
  • Thu, 15:20: is there a fix for PCs that get stuck trying to upgrade to 14393 - I've been trying to get one PC to go to 1607 for aaaages @windowsinsider
  • Thu, 15:22: will the global impact Thrive plans to have on how we work involve not paying people? asking for an entre industry
  • Thu, 15:58: RT @gcaughey: Perhaps CVS thinks their payment security couldn't possibly we worse than the current state of US credit card payment process…
  • Thu, 15:59: RT @dan_abramov: I also once spent a month drawing a database diagram for a “perfect” discussion forum engine. Then was too lazy to write a…
  • Thu, 16:02: RT @sbisson: Irony: the chap who invented blogging complaining about the lack of fact checking in online news.
  • Thu, 16:04: RT @gcaughey: Dear Edge team. What I really want is the ability to never under any circumstances auto-play audio. You can fix crashes and s…
  • Thu, 16:25: public consultation on how the NHS should be able to use patient data for research and how you'd consent/opt out https://t.co/ivEWErfiFQ
  • Thu, 16:33: RT @monkchips: a workshop on @amazonecho alexa skills led by an @awscloud GM. all conferences have that, right? you should definitely come…
  • Thu, 16:41: RT @WorkingHardInIT: ROTFL: disaster recovery of private cloud IAAS only tested if client pays for it. Backup restores of VMs are never tes…
  • Thu, 16:43: if ad blockers were a switch in the browser rather than separate software you paid for,�would be no�ransomware to publisher business model
  • Thu, 16:45: do people not understand secure boot? shocked face, my shocked face https://t.co/fygEfsZ2vu @adamshostack no golden key
  • Thu, 17:22: RT @jspahrsummers: Types and tests are not mutually exclusive, but we have limited time, and mistakes are less likely when the compiler che…
  • Thu, 17:22: RT @dhmorton: Also: where in the name of all that is righteous is the teapot emoji? Did Bertrand Russell die in vain?
  • Thu, 17:27: RT @jpbrammer: It's not just about outing people in countries where you can be killed for being gay! It's straight people observing us like…
  • Thu, 17:54: RT @cwoodruff: working on an intro talk for Windows devs covering building #Electron cross platform apps. If your conference needs that top…
  • Thu, 18:59: Microsoft IT; switch to cloud impacts network but the bigger issue is designing apps for internet latency https://t.co/oLCerVTCHx
  • Thu, 19:01: the Facebook/adblock arms race is starting to resemble the MSN Messenger/AIM reverse engineering arms race
  • Thu, 22:27: webkit peeps! does Safari support server push in HTTP/2 again? I know it's been on and off a few times...
  • Thu, 23:19: sudden thought. facebook making its ads first party content doesn't just help with ad blockers. much easier for HTTPS and HTTP/2 as well
  • Thu, 23:39: RT @samfbiddle: @samfbiddle so here's a person who, because of a billionaire's grudge, seems to have no means now of exercising his legal r…
  • Thu, 23:45: RT @kuvos: Stop your bullying, Gmail, no is no. This is bullshit. Keeps popping up now. Body sensors? Microphone? Just no. https://t.co/uIT
  • Thu, 23:46: RT @feross: Node v0.10 will be completely UNSUPPORTED in just 50 days. No security fixes. It's time to update to Node v4, folks. Join us i…
  • Thu, 23:50: gartner on google, IBM, Oracle IaaS. Burn! https://t.co/db0muMrOxl https://t.co/kxCMaZnku3
  • Fri, 01:36: Sensible explanation of Microsoft's compromised Secure Boot implementation: ARM policy installer needs user to act https://t.co/Gt4GBT7T4v
  • Fri, 01:37: RT @mjg59: The nice thing about this is the discovery that everything I felt bad about including in Shim is also present in Microsoft's boo…
  • Fri, 01:45: RT @h0x0d: LOL, turns out the 9/8 NewYork event is by Microsoft and Cognizant talking about boring "digital and CPG technology", so much "B…



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