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  • Thu, 01:58: RT @paulmadsen: Logging into Twitter in order to tweet about NIST deprecating SMS 2FA - prompted to MFA via SMS
  • Thu, 02:02: RT @brianleroux: somewhere around learning programming language 3 or 5 you realize the language wasn't the problem
  • Thu, 02:06: RT @jhamby: “According to the study, managers at Google demonstrated a similar issue with risk-taking.” Microsoft and Apple both outranked…
  • Thu, 02:07: RT @jhamby: Tech firms' reputations vs. reality. “Looking for a workplace that prioritizes a creative culture? Avoid Facebook.” https://t.c…
  • Thu, 02:11: RT @gruber: It’s great the way NBC Sports’s iPad app doesn’t support iOS split screen or picture-in-picture. Just great.
  • Thu, 02:11: RT @doubleyewdee: Split screen stuff all works great on my @Surface. Too bad about iOS I suppose.
  • Thu, 02:14: RT @JarettSays: Wow. Look how easy it is to climb up the walls Trump makes.
  • Thu, 02:18: The shed is for drinking, cursing, telling dubious jokes and explaining that the shed is where you tell dubious jokes
  • Thu, 02:19: RT @doubleyewdee: Internet ads are simply not like 'traditional media' ads. Pose risks that the historic ones never did. Advertisers won't…
  • Thu, 02:19: RT @doubleyewdee: Advertisers refuse to respect user choice (e.g. DNT, private browsing) and are happy to track when the user explicitly op…
  • Thu, 02:20: RT @doubleyewdee: Ads on desktop have an unacceptably high level of deception and/or outright malicious content, ad networks don't do enoug…
  • Thu, 02:20: RT @doubleyewdee: Ads on mobile are expensive for those on limited data and greatly harm the user experience for most users 3/n
  • Thu, 02:21: RT @doubleyewdee: Ad networks are intrusive, speculative of personality, and capable of revealing personal and sensitive data at the worst…
  • Thu, 02:21: RT @doubleyewdee: I work for an ad-supported business, get that ads are valuable, but there are great reasons to run ad blockers that need…
  • Thu, 02:21: RT @jdalton: Picked up my repaired MBP after using my Surface Book. Touched the screen of the MBP & for a sec was puzzled why it didn't res…
  • Thu, 02:22: RT @stevesi: At the @NikonUSA Museum Shinagawa. Check out how they show videos about quality and reliability—on a @surface :-) https://t.c…
  • Thu, 02:22: RT @MSFTExchange: Update! Here's how Outlook 2016 for Mac clients can access public folders in various topologies.
  • Thu, 02:24: Well done US. Months after chip and pin is 'mandatory' swipe is still so universal that my UK credit card got cloned AGAIN last trip
  • Thu, 02:26: RT @girlgerms: I'm all for ad-blockers, sorry. I've been stung too many times *especially* on Android.
  • Thu, 02:27: RT @jsnover: "It works with EVERY application that authenticates using Azure AD. That means Office 365, Azure, CRM ..."
  • Thu, 02:27: RT @jsnover: We used to dev features & it would take YEARS before people deployed it and users benefited. Now it is a click away. https://t…
  • Thu, 02:28: RT @DanaHoule: I’d rather have a president whose kid smoked weed than one whose kid shot an elephant
  • Thu, 02:31: Screw being right all the time; I’d rather learn something new
  • Thu, 02:33: RT @MSF_Syria: .@MSF “We will continue to do all we can to boost medical care in Syria, but we need to see an immediate end to attacks on h…
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