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  • Tue, 19:31: RT @bluedonkey: Still looking for the "hell no" button in LI to respond to the connection request from a guy who sent us death threats a fe…
  • Tue, 19:58: InstaFact (hackathon project not a product feature) sounds like the new Office Research on steroids
  • Tue, 20:19: the good news; our regular driver found my lost #etymotic hf2s under the car seat during a service! the bad news; the cables are splitting;(
  • Tue, 20:46: wait, is Trump suggesting people should shoot SCOTUS delegates he doesn't like or a potential president he doesn't like?
  • Tue, 20:56: RT @edbott: Patch Tuesday? More like Pitch Tuesday to all these security companies that have my email address, amirite?
  • Tue, 21:03: RT @Shvartacus: This election is like if your friends pick dinner and 3 vote pizza and 2 vote "kill and eat you". Even if pizza wins, there…
  • Tue, 21:04: RT @cstross: Donald Trump is why we Brits celebrate Thanksgiving on July the 4th.
  • Tue, 21:07: RT @ZeddRebel: Trump voter: "I like Trump because he says exactly what he means." Trump: 'Somebody shoot my opponent' Trump voter: 'He didn…
  • Tue, 21:21: joke? several people at�Trump�rally smile & laugh at assassination inc the woman a guy going 'wow' turns to look at
  • Tue, 21:31: RT @cfortyone: "London's Metropolitan Police still has 27,000 Windows XP PCs" - so they are the one and only WinXP users in the UK. https:/…
  • Tue, 22:41: CERT thinks that Facebook handles login on iOS better than Google does
  • Tue, 22:48: Insiders: unless you want the bugs that come with�changes to OneCore you might want to drop�back to slow/RP rings�
  • Tue, 23:58: RT @matthewdunwoody: I routinely see attackers reuse malware families after they're burned. They don't need to retool because orgs still fa…
  • Wed, 00:07: RT @5thCircAppeals: 2. You're never "just joking." Nobody is ever "just joking." Humor is a social act that performs a social function (alw…
  • Wed, 00:07: RT @5thCircAppeals: 3. To say humor is social act is to say it is always in social context; we don't joke alone. Humor is a way we relate/i…
  • Wed, 00:07: RT @5thCircAppeals: 4. Which is to say, humor is a way we construct identity - who we are in relation to others. We use humor to form group…
  • Wed, 00:07: RT @5thCircAppeals: 5. ...and to find our individual place in or out of those groups. In short, joking/humor is one tool by which we assimi…
  • Wed, 00:07: RT @5thCircAppeals: 6. IOW, we use humor to bring people into - or keep them out of - our social groups. This is what humor *does.* What it…
  • Wed, 00:07: RT @5thCircAppeals: 7. Consequently, how we use humor is tied up with ethics - who do we embrace, who do we shun, and how/why?
  • Wed, 00:07: RT @5thCircAppeals: 8. And the assimilating/alienating function of humor works not only only people but also on *ideas.* This is important.
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