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  • Mon, 11:36: RT @ericlaw: "But why wouldn't we steal focus from the search box?" - Windows Store team
  • Mon, 11:37: RT @pattonoswalt: The "male feminist ally turns out to be a creeper/harasser" is the "family values politician turns out to be gay" for mil…
  • Mon, 11:46: RT @dawnstarau: Pro tip: if your API provider gives you a set of public and private keys DO NOT STICK THE DAMN PRIVATE ONES IN YOUR PUBLIC…
  • Mon, 11:54: RT @h0x0d: Code names history: "Modern Glass" => Wizard/Tinman => Continuum (for Phone) CC:@NotCassim
  • Mon, 11:56: RT @trengriffin: Knowledge is non rival and in many cases non excludable (a public good). That's changing the economy in ways we don't yet…
  • Mon, 11:56: RT @_wald0: Many have asked for the MS Research white paper discussed during our @defcon talk. Find it here: cc @Ra
  • Mon, 13:02: first useful cookie consent dialog I've ever seen; BT lets you pick what cookies you get
  • Mon, 13:02: somehow @sbisson has found a track on Spotify that's Fanfare for the common man played on crumphorn
  • Mon, 13:10: Bad #BT no cookie! logging in to the BT site resets your cookie settings to the most permissive even after you've already set them ;(
  • Mon, 13:27: feeling the urge to give people talking about Delta the actual definition of 'an internet' #pedant
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    Wed, 14:15: I have once or twice asked a source to confirm something in a very technical comment they made but no one reviews my article before…

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    Sun, 13:48: RT @ manwithoutatan: Comparing students critically protesting a professor whose work and public standing marginalises and erases…

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    Sat, 14:51: RT @ RubiesB4Swine: Even setting aside the completely insane concept of it being best to monitor women to keep them safe, we cannot…

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