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  • Wed, 20:07: What CIOs need to know about SQL Server 2016 |�security, Power BI, cloud
  • Wed, 20:19: RT @LyalinDotCom: Check out my GMs session at WPC, she is an amazing person to work for. Driving data: SQL Server 2016 Biz opportunity http…
  • Wed, 20:19: RT @Pinboard: YCombinator has been strangely silent given the prominent role a YC partner has in the Republican National Convention. Toot y…
  • Thu, 06:16: So new 1098 qubit Dwave system at USC will be mostly trying to find out if Dwave really has a quantum computer & if that's actually better
  • Thu, 06:16: RT @djammmer: New #SCCM hotfix just shows up in updates and servicing if you are on current branch - don't need to handle manually https://…
  • Thu, 06:24: @jalakarhu hey, just got 14393 build but still on 39013 firmware; low light perf & focusing suddenly got awful, will the new firmware help?
  • Thu, 06:24: @jalakarhu also, um, did I miss some bad news? :(
  • Thu, 06:28: RT @scott_humble: First rule for online store recommendations: If I own it, have seen it, heard it or I have it installed, DON'T FUCKING RE…
  • Thu, 06:32: RT @jsoltero: Bring in business 24/7 with Microsoft Bookings. Super excited about this product built by the Outlook team.
  • Thu, 06:37: Dear Seattle friends; might need a volunteer to take us to Costco (I killed the sonic toothbrush)?
  • Thu, 07:54: Anniversary update in general is poor at wi-fif; doesn't seem to roam networks betweeen devices or autoconnect to known networks often ;(
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