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staggered hen

many thanks to tamaranth and ladymoonray for organising such a lovely evening for us both. No flashing devil horns, strippers, sashes, L plates or other ickiness: instead we were treated to a historical walking tour and costumed players and more and more people joining us every time we stopped in a pub!

From the Cheshire Cheese we saw Johnson's House - with Boswell's House far enough away for the poor man to get a rest, plus a statue of Hodge who is a very fine cat indeed, though he doesn't actually look like a cat! We saw the world's only pedestrian chicane, a Cannon, Cock Lane, gluttony, the last chuch before Tyburn (where the water fountain instead of an uplifting scriptual quote has the terse 'replace the cup' on it), the Wallace Memorial - with fresh flowers!, learned that Smoothfields was used for pageants and fairs long before it was a meat market, passed the Wicked Wolf pub, heard from Nell Gwyn why she doesn't do sailors but didn't mind the pit (at the inn when it wasn't allowed to be a theatre), made up explanations for the six stories of bull's heads up the alley, gazed towards Jerusalem and drank beer, cocktails and more beer (English and Belgian). It was lovely to see pmcmurray (hardly limping!), lproven, the fishlifters and Robert & Den.

We'll have pictures soon - but there's a trick to follow on that ;-)

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