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  • Wed, 01:17: those Knightscope robots? when I've seen them they've tended to sit & hum, ignore people or run away & recharge
  • Wed, 01:23: RT @ObliviousWit: It's weird how fast this "internet threat" thing got figured out once people started threatening cops. Sorry, women. http…
  • Wed, 01:23: RT @KPhed: It's amazing: The Party that just deemed porn a national health crisis is about to nominate a man whose wife posed for Playboy.
  • Wed, 01:26: RT @estellevw: Why do people say Happy Birthday? Don't they realize that #AllDaysMatter?
  • Wed, 01:43: RT @ZacB_: Microsoft should release builds in specific locations and require Insiders to go outside with their WP handsets and look for the…
  • Wed, 01:43: RT @Pinboard: “Kifi is awesome for gathering all those great tools and resources my team is sharing into a giant, disposable bonfire”
  • Wed, 01:44: RT @codepo8: Well, @RokuPlayer's lawyers just advised the @FCC to "not embrace HTML5 as a preferred or mandated standard"
  • Wed, 01:45: Roku not an HTML5 fan?
  • Wed, 01:46: Transpilers: very handy, maybe the best thing to happen to JavaScript standards #Babel #Typescript & more
  • Wed, 01:52: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Really wish Microsoft had a sysadmin panel to review security bulletins and address lapses in explaining real-world im…
  • Wed, 07:29: Dear everyone who follows me and @sbisson on untapped; it's ok, those 13 beers were a tasting flight
  • Wed, 07:37: RT @joe_elway: 40% of #O365 install base is using #EMS
  • Wed, 07:39: Guys! Guys! I worked it out! Windows Mobile swipe keyboard works best when you're drunk!
  • Wed, 07:40: RT @Alyssakarina24: Skype is the best thing created for husbands and wifes in the military. I get to skype him every night & morning. #army
  • Wed, 08:28: nothing compares 2 being on hold with u for this long
  • Wed, 08:31: RT @PrivacyMatters: A glimpse into the breadth & role of ‘device identifiers’ & other data held by OEMs/Digital SPs. This just Apple. https…
  • Wed, 08:43: adblockplus on,�seeing products from the last site I shopped at in ads. that's crap then
  • Wed, 08:45: RT @LordStras: More hard slog today in Lords on #IPBill covering protecting lawyers' communications, weakening encryption and ICRs if we ge…
  • Wed, 08:52: warning UK peeps; if you pay�$USD cheques into your #firstdirect account they will randomly hold on to them�&ask where the money comes from
  • Wed, 08:54: so that's #firstdirect my UK bank asking me where my money comes from, for a cheque drawn on an account WITH MY NAME ON IT. clearly my money
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