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  • Fri, 06:16: RT @Schwieb: Mac Office 2016 now has a 64-bit version on the Insider Slow channel as well as Insider Fast! Slowly expanding availability!
  • Fri, 06:37: The money in the gun industry is pretty disturbing too
  • Fri, 07:06: Oh @msonenote 'we can't sync this notebook because you're not online. Click here for help that's on a web page' which is, y'know, online
  • Fri, 08:08: RT @eurocrat: Watching fallout in UK after #Brexit vote, support for staying in EU surges: Denmark 69% (+9.8%) Finland 68% (+12%) Sweden 5…
  • Fri, 09:17: RT @_paulverbeek: Another dutch web dev agency (@LabelA_NL) to put on my blacklist. Seriously, who thought this ad was a good idea? https:/…
  • Fri, 19:53: Dear all PRs. Pro tip: If you send a pre written article to a freelance journalist, we delete it unread and assume you know nothing about us
  • Fri, 19:55: Dear all software vendors; if you want to place sponsored content, please contact the ad department, not me
  • Fri, 20:05: Skype Bot developer update: cards, groups and unification �
  • Fri, 20:07: Hey Microsoft? Please just put Windows Phone shape writing back into Windows 10 Mobile, because IT WORKED & this doesn't @donasarkar
  • Fri, 20:09: @TheWebJustWorks @pinterest making your site useless on Windows Mobile because you keep trying to send me to the android app? Please stop!
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