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  • Mon, 12:57: Meet the LattePanda, a tiny Windows 10 PC for the Internet of Things #zdnet
  • Mon, 18:27: RT @DaveVoyles: iTunes doesn't know how to match album art, so it assumes every album is 2Pac. Even Sonic 2's soundtrack.
  • Mon, 18:31: RT @jsnover: There appear to be 2 types of people: 1) IoT needs great security 2) IoT needs no security I cast my lot with group 1
  • Mon, 18:32: RT @scott_humble: Strike that. Hardware companies think they can do software until they try, fail, try again and later give up.
  • Mon, 18:40: RT @nolanlawson: Love this idea of transpiling our code into the vanilla JS we *wish* we had written. Frameworks could make our code smalle…
  • Mon, 18:40: RT @diodesign: Tech companies that tell you things as a journalist in an on-the-record briefing and then get all surprised when you use tha…
  • Mon, 18:46: RT @stevesi: Extracting Qualcomm's KeyMaster Keys - Breaking Android Full Disk Encryption
  • Mon, 18:49: RT @jsenior: Pretty crazy that I need a smooth scrolling extension to make Chrome usable in Windows
  • Mon, 18:53: RT @scott_humble: In the last week, three Android OEM's have scaled back, restructured or eliminated support altogether. Those are Sony, LG…
  • Mon, 18:54: RT @NerdPyle: If I could fix a massive security hole that leaked your data, but required replacing all your printers & NAS, would you want…
  • Tue, 08:26: RT @SkyNews: Tory MPs will vote today in the first ballot of the leadership race. Here's how the candidates voted on key issues. https://t.…
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