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  • Wed, 01:47: RT @rbrynteson: Before everyone gets excited. #Skype4B BusyOnVoicemail ONLY WORKS WITH ON-PREM. If you use Exchange Online, no go! https:…
  • Wed, 01:48: RT @maryjofoley: Handy FAQ on Skype for Business' PSTN calling plans: https://t.co/SluI4DoLfi (h/t @LicensingSchool)
  • Wed, 01:52: RT @WinObs: All the way at the bottom of that Windows 10 Build 14376 is this disappointing note. https://t.co/QpCTF1UH5f
  • Wed, 01:59: RT @monkchips: fuck it. i actually think london can stay in the EU. literally ANYTHING is possible right now if we fight for it. there are…
  • Wed, 02:02: RT @katebevan: In other words, you clean up the mess you created, Boris.
  • Wed, 02:04: RT @_BenWright_: More Brexits. Vodafone, Visa and easyJet all mulling moving HQs out of UK. And German regulator has said will block LSE/DB…
  • Wed, 02:07: RT @taviso: Multiple critical RCE flaws in all Symantec/Norton AV products are being fixed later today, some of which will require user act…
  • Wed, 02:07: RT @codepo8: Travel advisory notification. I leave Israel for UK and it tells me that there's political instability in the UK. Well done #…
  • Wed, 02:10: I've been using a Lumia 1520 since January 2014. I still love it. Trying to think what hardware improvements I'd want beyond 38MP camera
  • Wed, 02:12: RT @InTheCloudMSFT: answering the question: "how committed is msft to supporting apple and google's platforms?" https://t.co/Zk3r6X0XKm htt…
  • Wed, 02:15: RT @CarmenCrincoli: If you unify your strategy, you get accused of falling prey to internal politics. If you spread out, you get accused of…
  • Wed, 02:17: RT @Martha_Gill: New glass ceiling test: when rivalry between two school girls in the same drinking society can eventually destroy Europe
  • Wed, 02:19: RT @marthakelly: here's a hot tip, don't ask your interviewer if she's a software engineer three times while she's interviewing you
  • Wed, 02:20: RT @euanmccolm: brexiteers: don't you dare use the civil service. remainers: we have no plan for brexit. brexiteers: you should have used t…
  • Wed, 02:20: RT @nohbrien: how many more attacks on Muslim countries is it gonna take to make people realize that terrorism has no religion #Istanbul
  • Wed, 11:51: Interim, incomplete, not statistically balanced YouGov survey results say we expect the UK to break up https://t.co/XGkCiKK4P7
  • Wed, 11:57: RT @Cuff_S: SharePoint 2016 Hybrid integration is night & day different from 2013 hybrid. Clear example of Cloud First.
  • Wed, 12:06: RT @Scanditwitchen: The #safetypin you see around the UK today to show solidarity - we stand against racism #proudimmigrant #notoracism htt…
  • Wed, 12:09: RT @WithinRafael: Extending the reach of Win32 apps via Project C and App Services is so cool. Was simple to implement too.
  • Wed, 12:16: RT @benhammersley: So, errrr, Boris, for one, is retaining the right to live and work in another country? https://t.co/RnvBKVAkmG
  • Wed, 13:11: RT @jaredpar: Infrastructure is a feature and a very special type of one. It suffers acutely from code rot and must be continuously updated.
  • Wed, 15:00: RT @EUintheUS: .@eucopresident "we've started a political reflection on the future of EU w/ 27 states & will meet on 09/16 in Bratislava to…
  • Wed, 15:02: dear everyone; if you're going to share that not-very funny, borderline offensive, completely fake BSE map, please mark as such. no love, me
  • Wed, 15:04: EU; OH HAI UK, we're thinking about reform in EU, obv without you. you get till september to give us the divorce papers
  • Wed, 15:04: RT @b_judah: Merkel and Brussels have outright already refused an EEA+ agreement that gives UK migration control, passporting and single ma…
  • Wed, 15:05: RT @b_judah: Base case is Berlin and Brussels plan to insist on an EEA- (i.e. a worse deal than Norway) that excludes passporting, migratio…
  • Wed, 15:05: RT @b_judah: This would however allow services to continue to have access to the singoe market. But not financial services. Mass migration…
  • Wed, 15:05: RT @b_judah: France cynicallly intends to offer Britain an EEA- that excludes passporting, but givs them a migration cap, and single market…
  • Wed, 15:07: I'm assuming Tusks' 'calm & serious discussion' by EU leaders is an insult to Farage for his appalling behaviour in Brussels
  • Wed, 15:17: RT @harikunzru: Imagine tax, public services consequences of swapping 2m productive EU workers now in UK for 400k British retirees now livi…
  • Wed, 20:03: "Of the 189,000 compatible user devices at Microsoft, so far 111,000 of the devices are enrolled in Windows Hello for Business"
  • Wed, 20:09: RT @shanselman: @Aeyoun @SegFaulty nah. Shell is a shell. And he ran as admin. It's not an illusion of a shell.
  • Wed, 20:12: RT @billybragg: Plotters seem determined to focus on what @jeremycorbyn hasn't done. Here's a reminder of what he did do. Pls RT https://t.…
  • Wed, 20:12: RT @AdamWagner1: I'm getting worried that Theresa May will run for Tory leadership on pledge to take UK out of European Convention on Human…
  • Wed, 20:20: RT @gcaughey: Anybody who thinks MS changed the update dialog the day after settling an update claim aren't familiar with how long things t
  • Wed, 20:25: RT @RJasonMorgan: #DockerCon tickets 900$, flight to Seattle 200$, seeing 1000 Linux nerds wearing Microsoft lanyards, priceless.
  • Wed, 20:25: RT @DChappellAssoc: Even though developers often make it, choosing a cloud platform isn't just a technical decision--it's an outsourcing de…



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