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  • Sun, 20:28: RT @Linda_Marric: Dear @David_Cameron as you're still PM, can you please go on TV and tell all the racists to stop abusing minorities on ou…
  • Sun, 20:31: RT @DPJHodges: Two Tory MPs have told me if Boris Johnson wins the leadership they will resign from the Tory party and resign their seats.
  • Sun, 20:31: RT @tara_mulholland: Call me old-fashioned, but I find this kind of language from an elected official on the winning side quite saddening h…
  • Sun, 20:33: RT @webofevil: I'm enjoying the way that the people who have just driven our economy over a cliff are running around barking at the rest of…
  • Sun, 20:34: RT @dhmorton: They promised us much higher rates of growth once we’d left: https://t.co/KFYvV6x49R
  • Sun, 20:45: RT @martintrojer: @martintrojer today I (white, blond, blue-eyed Swede) was reprimanded for speaking Swedish to my own (also Swedish) kids.
  • Sun, 20:46: RT @RichardDavies06: The very real effects of leaving the EU on somewhere like Rhondda Cynon Taff and we're only 3 days post-Brexit. https:…
  • Sun, 20:50: RT @jonswaine: Leave campaigner wants publicly-funded adverts to tackle the racism and xenophobia unleashed by the Leave campaign https://t…
  • Mon, 12:55: RT @Williamw1: For Leavers in denial about what we can expect from EU, here's Michael Fuchs, vice chairman of the CDU @BBCr4today https://t…
  • Mon, 13:01: RT @shockproofbeats: 23.The Troubles, back as A SIDE EFFECT of a tussle for the leadership of the Conservatives, a party NI citizens don't…
  • Mon, 13:11: RT @HenryJFoy: Poland's deputy PM tells @FT that Warsaw is already reaching out to banks in London to tempt them to shift east https://t.co
  • Mon, 13:12: RT @matthaig1: Weird how some of the press think a fracturing Labour party is a bigger story than a fracturing government, nation and conti…
  • Mon, 13:25: RT @rupertg: Party politics has failed. Want a coalition of the sane in HoC to suspend A50, set time limit for workable Brexit plan, else v…
  • Mon, 13:36: RT @BeirutiBrit: Wow 😡 Friend runs top London restaurant & had this booking request today. Proud to say they declined the booking https://t…
  • Mon, 13:36: RT @scottisafool: Sooo, who wants to give me money to build them a Windows Phone/10 app... #uwp
  • Mon, 13:37: RT @realkatybrand: So now the Bullingdon Boys have trashed the place, they write a cheque to cover the damage, right? Right....?
  • Mon, 13:39: RT @multiplebears: Better https://t.co/cYcGPP73gq
  • Mon, 13:51: Is it classically Marxist if Labour saw the mess the Tories were making as a great opportunity to fracture them further whatever the cost?
  • Mon, 13:52: RT @sohear: Boris Johnson: No rush to leave the EU (I'm a bit busy trying to land the top job, we can get to that pesky EU business after).
  • Mon, 13:56: RT @nwbrux: Another senior British figure in Brussels has resigned. Won't be the last. https://t.co/OTrU4yVDOg
  • Mon, 14:55: RT @jaredpar: One of the VsVim features users most often tout as great is auto-loading of vimrc. It's also the feature I most regret implem…
  • Mon, 14:55: RT @harikunzru: Not all leavers are racists, obviously, but racists now believe they're in a 52% majority.
  • Mon, 14:56: RT @jimwaterson: Lots of pro-Brexit people on Twitter are now claiming I've faked this press release to smear them. Love you all. https://t…



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