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  • Mon, 12:51: RT @codepo8: The focus on splash screens in PWAs is confusing. Aren't they just like a spinner, as in hiding slowness and offering nothing?…
  • Mon, 12:55: RT @StrongerInPress: Nigel Farage complains about EU regulation on #r4today. Here's a reminder of the kind of thing he means #StrongerIn h…
  • Mon, 12:56: RT @kiwanja: A friend is putting together a museum exhibit on mobile messaging. Anyone here got any old GSM antennas, equipment, modems, et…
  • Mon, 14:07: RT @kylealden: Tl;dr: Edge wins by a mile across breadth of measurements. It gets even better in EdgeHTML 14 this summer. Preview: https://…
  • Mon, 14:09: coming: minimizing the impact of background activity and peripheral content like Flash advertisements - good!�https://t.co/n91DgON9JK
  • Mon, 14:16: if the web does beat apps, bringing Windows timer coalescing right into the browser is a good thing (aligns background activity to save CPU)
  • Mon, 14:20: @bmheenan hey - very curious how reliable the viewport you're using for reading view button. have some office display issues =viewport bugs
  • Mon, 14:30: DocumentDB & Azure Functions are 2 of Microsoft's most interesting &underestimated services https://t.co/jLzmFTPou6 https://t.co/guJfeliYsn
  • Mon, 14:35: RT @nickmcquire: 49% employees believe mobile tech has had a "substantially positive effect" on their co's biz performance. Amazed we still…
  • Mon, 14:48: RT @pwnallthethings: .@msftsecurity: 90% of browser exploits seen in the wild (by AV detections, not # of unique 0days) were Adobe Flash ht…
  • Mon, 14:52: RT @kylealden: @marypcbuk There's definitely an impact, which is part of why we're blocking peripheral autoplay flash in Anniversary Update.
  • Mon, 14:52: RT @kylealden: @marypcbuk When Anniversary Update is ready we'll likely re-run the simulated browsing test against 1511 to compare the impa…
  • Mon, 14:55: RT @ianxx: We recently announced that devs can use the #Windows10 feedback app to get feedback on their own apps. Link ICYMI https://t.co/E…
  • Mon, 15:07: Q3 2015 was bad for Silverlight attacks? https://t.co/6udTSNEFBC
  • Mon, 15:16: RT @BBCRoryCJ: Spotify confirms it now has 100m monthly active users - 30m of them paying customers
  • Mon, 15:28: RT @JaneNeedhamSC: 1. Every single case of gender-based bullying or workplace harassment I've been involved in has used the "banter" defenc…
  • Mon, 15:29: RT @JaneNeedhamSC: 4. Code for "I make the rules, I get to decide what is funny and what is hurtful". I HATE the word "banter".
  • Mon, 15:33: Twitter users: any news on editing tweets? Twitter: we bought a magic pony image recognition AI. Twitter users: look https://t.co/OJuCRdkz9x
  • Mon, 15:35: the government is changing the regulation of the BBC; how about changing the regulation of newspaper front pages & corrections?
  • Mon, 15:47: RT @codepo8: Afraid that push notifications are ripe for abuse. We can tell people what makes sense, but we also need a way to prevent spam…
  • Tue, 02:28: RT @mahoekst: @edbott we still have customers demanding Edge gets java applet support....
  • Tue, 02:34: RT @benlucier: Post Microsoft/LinkedIn announcement, someone somewhere has decided to create a competitor b/c they believe MS ownership wil…



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