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  • Fri, 17:07: RT @jacobrossi: Service Worker, Fetch, Cache, Push, Web App Manifest are all now In Development for Microsoft Edge. It's PWA time! https:/…
  • Fri, 17:30: RT @jshoq: Getting OneNote notifications you do not want? Head to to shut them off. Thanks to @bschorr for the tip.…
  • Fri, 17:31: RT @nolanlawson: Here's the vision: 1. You write a PWA for Android. 2. Congratulations! It's also a Windows 10, Windows Phone, and Xbox app…
  • Fri, 17:34: RT @benriga: More on the new lean mean VS installer On the Road to Release: Redesigning Visual Studio Installation by @timsneath https://t.…
  • Fri, 17:36: RT @jaffathecake: Microsoft continue to take the web seriously - looking at ways to make PWAs 1st class apps on Windows
  • Fri, 17:45: RT @scott_humble: Pro tip: Zero days don't care about how you fudge your patch compliance reports.
  • Fri, 17:50: good piece on serverless architectures, although some of the limitations mentioned are pretty Lambda-specific
  • Fri, 17:56: RT @WinObs: The Windows 10 Refresh Tool looks to be Microsoft's answer to the junk that gets installed on some OEM devices.
  • Fri, 18:12: you know, I never used to be prejudiced against bright orange people before, but now...
  • Fri, 18:15: RT @SwiftOnSecurity: MSFT's on an its-your-fault-its-broken spree this month: Update breaks connectivity with legacy SANs and scanners http…
  • Fri, 22:20: RT @jesslynnrose: Writing an article on how not to market to developers. Fellow techies, what marketing interactions piss you off most? RT…
  • Fri, 22:22: RT @dakami: As much as I've become a believer in bug bounties, external patches are generally tire fires. Very different skill set.
  • Fri, 22:23: RT @dgwbirch: #tdw16 my point is that my pants won't talk to your pants it will be the smart contracts that control our pants that communic…
  • Fri, 22:54: if squillions of people use the new Microsoft tool to�clear crapware off their PCs, it's great data for�Ms to use to push�OEMs off crapware
  • Fri, 23:35: reading comprehension is like my special skill
  • Fri, 23:36: virtual machine accessibility in Winodws
  • Fri, 23:39: Windows & the web, back and forth
  • Fri, 23:41: @jacobrossi so this PWA vision really really really really needs site pinning to the taskbar to return ;) really!
  • Fri, 23:46: RT @jacobrossi: @marypcbuk if it's a PWA in the Store, you'd be able to pin it to the taskbar like any other UWP
  • Fri, 23:47: RT @ITVAllegra: In the UK we don't have many statues of women. Fact. Ask English Heritage. I think a statue of Jo Cox appropriate. By river…
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    Fri, 14:15: RT @ Direthoughts: Consequences news! - No further action by govt against Philip Hammond for his "unwise" lobbying of Treasury on…

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    Thu, 14:25: Three-day wait for UK Statutory Sick Pay to return next year - because the COVID rules will expire (or will they?)…

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    Tue, 15:51: wow, GoDaddy letter to affected customers really does feel like doing the absolute bare minimum to deal with the huge security…

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