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I know I'm not meant to read it

but the weird conjunctions in the text spammers use to get past filters that look for whether there's enough content for a real email are getting quite surreal.

"Before the words were well out of his mouth, he was whisked away somehow, and in his place appeared a tall man, muffled up to the eyes, leaning on the arm of another tall man, who tried to say something and couldn't. Of course there was a general stampede, and for several minutes everybody seemed to lose their wits, for the strangest things were done, and no one said a word. Mr. March became invisible in the embrace of four pairs of loving arms. Jo disgraced herself by nearly fainting away, and had to be doctored by Laurie in the china closet. Mr. Brooke kissed Meg entirely by mistake, as he somewhat incoherently explained. And Amy, the dignified, tumbled over a stool, and never stopping to get up, hugged and cried over her father's boots in the most touching manner. Mrs. March was the first to recover herself, and held up her hand with a warning, "Hush! Remember Beth." But it was too late. The study door flew open, the little red wrapper IMHOTEP'S EYES as his tongue is apparently cut out. The Embalmer flings Imhotep's tongue onto the floor. The Mumia's dogs attack and quickly eat it
KENTON (CONT.)Some sort of problem?"

noo, noo, just your average everyday horor story folding through the walls of American Literature; nothing to see here, move along please, the Plot Sanitizer will be here shortly...


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13th Sep, 2004 21:18 (UTC)

If we hooked her up to a generator, Louisa May Alcott is probably spinning fast enough right now to light up London. ;^)
13th Sep, 2004 21:41 (UTC)
Quite looking forward to the next instalment of "Little Women Go To Miskatonic University"; unfortunately the nearest I've had to literature in my spam has all been rather prosaic Latin in the "Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tresB*U*Y*\/*1*4*6*R*A" mould.
13th Sep, 2004 22:57 (UTC)
is that three parts or just One Big One?
13th Sep, 2004 22:20 (UTC)
That's completely brilliant. I'd already become a fan of the dadaist poetry that cropped up in spam a year or so ago, buut now I've got something new to look forward to!

An example of the earlier stuff:
acronym exonerate inflame promiscuity bevel assailant
coulomb cassandra newscast maple channel
byword chronicle epitome grim guise
14th Sep, 2004 05:02 (UTC)
It looks like someone is having a fine time with RACTER:

15th Sep, 2004 06:20 (UTC)
Blergh! You got me.

"But it was too late," indeed!
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