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  • Mon, 21:05: RT @agouaillard: H264 SVC in Edge just landed.
  • Mon, 22:06: since I have a few new followers (hi folks!), if you're looking for a light holiday read, my tech fiction is here:
  • Mon, 22:07: VCs& vampires, Cassidy shooting down technical trouble from killer drones to swearing fountains, the VR of dreams...
  • Mon, 22:09: @VirginAtlantic�the email I tried to send thru the site to say the HP competition in the newsletter isn't on the website never sent, so...;)
  • Mon, 23:18: I don't want to Ignore once, I want to tell Word when it's getting grammar wrong!
  • Tue, 06:52: the feedback hub continues to be really unreliable for me; can't sign in to it in my current build...
  • Tue, 07:04: RT @kb_chirps: Using Azure Functions in PowerApps
  • Tue, 07:33: I never knew before about sushi burgers (um, nope) or bacon wedding cakes (HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THIS)
  • Tue, 07:52: even if you use another AV, you'll be able to run Defender "periodically" Ms suggesting not all AVs up to snuff?
  • Tue, 07:58: Malicious Software Removal Tool�scans�500mn+ PCs/month, finds & removes malware on 1-2 mn, even on those devices running antivirus software
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