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  • Tue, 02:43: RT @h0x0d: GitHub: DirectXMath released under MIT license
  • Tue, 02:44: RT @DaveCothran: 'You can't replace the internal HD on the XB1' (said 1% of users who want to hook up expensive SSD) Me: hooks up 5TB USB3…
  • Tue, 04:32: RT @charlesfitz: OH: “Kubernetes is OpenStack 2.0” Not sure who should be more insulted by that.
  • Tue, 04:37: Expert systems expert Roger Schank says Watson isn't cognitive computing
  • Tue, 04:39: IBM: "Unlike traditionally programmed computers, cognitive systems such as Watson..". Um, AI is pretty traditional now @charlesfitz
  • Tue, 04:39: RT @charlesfitz: @chrismines They materially behind on tech, access to data and distribution. But punching above their weight on PR...
  • Tue, 07:17: RT @marrowing: BOOMERS IN 2009: why dont young people care more about politics. this apathy is shameful BOOMERS IN 2016: ah. no, we preferr…
  • Tue, 07:24: (hey, can I just label all of my own articles 'must read' too?)
  • Tue, 17:42: Life skills for journalists #51 knowing that orange food like apricot pastries are still edible even when the lights are blue & look icky ;)
  • Tue, 17:42: RT @GhostPanther: 1950 May I borrow a cup of sugar? Guy: Yes! 2016 May I borrow a cup of sugar? Guy: *maces & kicks neighbor. Becomes…
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