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Airline woes

Don't fly United, unless your alternative is swimming, and then only if you can't get a lifejacket...

Leaving my Blackberry in the overhead storage locker was uttelry my fault, I heard something fall out of my bag and just because neither of us could see anything in the locker didn't mean I couldn't have looked at what I did and didn't have in the bag. But the abysmal service I got from United from then on. I was told to leave a message on the automated report line; which was full; the day before a 3-day weekend; which doesn't give you an acknowledgement; when according to the travel agent I should have been told to go back to the airport to fill in a form; which I was told I could do at any United desk but could only do in the domestic terminal; whcih I found out after it was too late to get there; which I did when I got to London - at which point 'why didn't you do it in the US' was a pretty stupid question; which turns out not to go into any kind of CRM system but just gets telexed to the United office in SF, who reply by telex if they reply at all. Do I get my Blackberry back? who knows - but I doubt it ;-(

And having paid for an upgrade so we could sleep on the way back, Simon's chair didn't recline fully, and the stewardess we asked about it wasn't the one who knew the seats have manual recline levers the crew can operate. So, United - the uncaring, poorly trained skies. The hot nuts in business class are nice though.

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