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  • Fri, 16:41: the FT has mailed me three times about the robot/human future; I suspect a robot would email me EVEN MORE
  • Fri, 18:44: RT @Agandrau: Sir Tim Berners-Lee thinks that if we can predict what the internet will look like in 20 years, than we are not creative enou…
  • Fri, 18:49: interesting to read @briankardell & @Pinboard side by side on web futures and
  • Fri, 18:54: RT @jsoltero: Today's email #protip: Dont "Bubble stuff to the top" of people's inboxes. It is annoying. You are being ignored. Accept it a…
  • Fri, 18:58: RT @gcaughey: Proof the Windows 10 pricing "news" is working: Enterprise customers are asking us if our software runs on Windows 10 Pro. #w
  • Fri, 18:58: RT @karenmcgrane: Stop saying people don't read on their phones. Stop saying content must be "snackable." https://t…
  • Fri, 19:01: don't think I'd recommend people use a registry editor on Windows 10 Mobile but I wonder if I can use one on Windows Phone 8.1 to find Other
  • Fri, 19:26: politics aide, some interesting points about modern communication &failure of media & policy experts to do their job
  • Fri, 19:27: RT @viticci: So yes: When you click an iTunes or Amazon links from us, it's an affiliate link. If you're not okay with it, don't click.
  • Fri, 19:30: RT @mjrobbins: Sadiq Khan in context: overturned a Tory majority during a total Labour meltdown in in a city where 30+% said they wouldn’t…
  • Fri, 23:16: RT @Aiannucci: Compulsory school academies plan now dropped. Huge testimony to all those of you who protested, argued, petitioned and persu…
  • Fri, 23:21: How one Silicon Valley engineer benefitted from the tacit acceptance of entrenched sexism - and Lewis's law comments
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