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I hate wasps. Wasps hate me.

After a late night working, I could have done without waking up at 3.40am with a pain in my arm and the body memory of pulling something out of my arm. After some late night comedy moments patting the sheets and scraping a water bottle against the roof tiles trying to dislodge the wasp we found two stings on my arm and a huge swelling around them. The histamine helped with the swelling but I've still got pinprick pain in my arm and I was so freaked we had to sleep at the other end of the bed. So I officially hate wasps even more; wasps are evil.


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30th Aug, 2004 17:00 (UTC)
"wasps are evil"

Yup. :-(
30th Aug, 2004 21:23 (UTC)
Wasps are evil
As I survey the mess of my foot a week after inadvertently entering a wasp-filled train carriage (aaaaarrgh), I can only agree...
30th Aug, 2004 23:13 (UTC)
Re: Wasps are evil
30th Aug, 2004 22:06 (UTC)
I agree: Wasps are a nasty force of nature. I consider them evil because given they have a brain (albeit a teeny tiny one), one cannot reason with wasps. It is not possible to excuse oneself and make a hasty retreat from the affronted critters as they will seek you out and inflict much pain. We have a number of wasp nests along the roof eaves, and just walking near them sometimes causes them to drop down in anger, thus I must kill them utterly for we cannot coexist peaceably.

30th Aug, 2004 23:14 (UTC)
all three times I've been stung it's been pure malice rather than me threatening them; they sting because they can. Simon says there are more wasps this year than ever before; I say time to eradicate them.
31st Aug, 2004 07:07 (UTC)
Stupid hive-brains
Well, the only reason I can think of to keep from killing wasps is figs, which require them for pollination. Haven't been stung by a wasp--but you have my strong sympathy--and only three times at all: two bees, and the last was a yellowjacket. I was getting Johnny Cunningham's autograph at the time.

I firmly believe in evicting them from eaves--by someone who knows what they're doing.
31st Aug, 2004 07:37 (UTC)
The horror!
Ext.. ter... min... ate them!
31st Aug, 2004 13:18 (UTC)
Oh, sounds nasty. I'm very afraid of wasps. I hope you're not allergic.
(Deleted comment)
3rd Sep, 2004 05:44 (UTC)
Spicy bugs!
My dog Sandy loved spicy bugs. She'd leap up and snap them out of the air, then eat them.

When she was six or seven months old, one of them stung her on the lower lip - and there was quite a swelling, for the next few days. But that didn't discourage her.

She kept right on hunting wasps and bees, though with her lips peeled well back.
3rd Sep, 2004 05:44 (UTC)
Stung in your bed, in your sleep, in the middle of the night?

Even for wasps - and I hate them! - that's low.
9th Sep, 2004 00:32 (UTC)
eek wasps!

just wanted to say hi and that I'm still hoping to see you guys while you are out here!

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