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  • Tue, 02:18: @robwormald hey, your colleagues who were at Build pointed me in your direction. could we chat about transpilers like Typescript some time?
  • Tue, 02:52: @RandallGrahm likelihood you'll be in the tasting room on the 21st? Looking for something to do on my birthday...
  • Tue, 06:20: RT @xjoeduffyx: Excited to extend Roslyn's read-only view of the word to read-write, thanks to code generators / 'replace' in C# 7. https:/…
  • Tue, 06:26: RT @sbisson: It occurs to me that future versions of System Center will be able to generate bash shell scripts as well as PowerShell...
  • Tue, 06:38: anyone know how the little Chinese smartphone companies compared on actual *quality*?
  • Tue, 06:40: one reason I don't like calling what I do 'writing content' because content is apparently marketing guff
  • Tue, 07:14: hey, for the kiwi shift! my Vampires of Silicon Valley #startup short story is on Kindle
  • Tue, 08:51: TFW an article is 1339 words and I want to go in and delete 2 ;)
  • Tue, 09:06: RT @JZdziarski: You know how Neo could hack the Matrix and change it any way he wanted? Yeah, that was all done with cheap Flash exploits.…
  • Tue, 09:35: RT @ShayByrne: Microsoft joins the new DC/OS open source project: Today Microsoft joined Mesosphere and a broad group of indu... https://t.…
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