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I've been writing more fiction

So I keep finding I need to write about the slightly stranger side of technology. That means I'm still working on more of my Cassidy at large series; The One Where Cassidy Goes To Florida and The One Where Cassidy Meets Puck and The One With the Haunted House are arguing about who gets to go first. In the meantime, a couple of short stories have snuck up on me, including one about the dream recording version of virtual reality, and a pair of what I think of as adult fairy tales about the Lord of Death (that were very much comfort writing as a response to a reminder of mortality). And then out of the blue, a few lines that just appeared in my head while I was floating in a hot tub turned themselves into a short story that's very likely the beginning of what wants to be a novel about the Vampires of Silicon Valley.

So if you're looking for any of my fiction, here's where to find it on Kindle.

Cassidy at Large: Amazon US Amazon UK

The True Coin of Dreaming Amazon US Amazon UK

The Lord of Death and the Library
Lord of Death and the Library cover
Amazon US Amazon UK

The Lord of Death and the Holiday

Amazon US Amazon UK

and my latest
Vampires of Silicon Valley: The Little Vampire Who Codes

The first thousand years are the hardest...
Amazon US Amazon UK


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