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  • Thu, 16:59: Is it just me or is 'Rub a little devops on it and make it better' just a bit much for this time of the morning? ;) #sobritish
  • Thu, 16:59: RT @codepo8: @shanselman my job as a open source web lover here in Microsoft is getting too easy...
  • Thu, 17:01: RT @fxshaw: every time I see this demo and the big green "Build succeeded" banner I go yup think so. #Build2016
  • Thu, 17:04: Will everyone remember to say VSTS instead of Visual Studio Online? ;) #build2016
  • Thu, 17:07: The future of seamless mobility is being very rich, apparently. Also BMW has fixed LA traffic #build2016
  • Thu, 17:08: RT @brianleroux: Fascinating perception this new Microsoft happened over night. It's been at least 5 years of excruciating organizational c…
  • Thu, 17:08: RT @benlower: @WadeWegner bots, no dancers on stage, bash shell in Windows, nice improvements in inking, win 10 adoption faster than 7, cor…
  • Thu, 17:09: RT @dotnet: The day has come and it is even better than expected. Xamarin for all and open source. Mono, too! #dotnet-ftw
  • Thu, 17:11: No, Windows 10 Mobile, I will not rate the ducking camera app when I'm in the middle of TAKING PHOTOS AT A KEYNOTE. Go forth and multiply
  • Thu, 17:12: RT @sbisson: BMW video"Be careful David" says the car computer. I'm guessing it's called HAL and has a red glowing BMW logo. #Build2016
  • Thu, 17:12: RT @IanSkerrett: MS Build Keynote: Now up Azure IoT. fwiw, we are seeing more and more Azure IoT in the Eclipse IoT community.
  • Thu, 17:13: RT @lobrien: The live notebooks that @migueldeicaza demo'ed at #Build2016 have the potential to revolutionize programming documentation.
  • Thu, 17:14: RT @jacobrossi: We are not building a native ad blocker within MS Edge, but we will support third party ad blockers like AdBlock and AdBloc…
  • Thu, 17:14: RT @kylealden: @bdsams @jacobrossi The feedback was resolved because the scenario will be supported by extensions.
  • Thu, 17:14: RT @kylealden: @bdsams @jacobrossi No, just misinterpreted. The titles are verbatims from Insiders. In this case the feedback was duplicate…
  • Thu, 17:20: I know Edge isn't getting 'built-in' ad blocking because I've been begging for TPLs &team is v clear when they tell me approach is extension
  • Thu, 17:22: So when feedback asks for 'built-in ad blocking' the Edge team will mark that as 'yes because extensions handle that for you'
  • Thu, 17:22: RT @edbott: John Thompson (MSFT board) just walked over to @winobs and me and introduced himself. He's wearing a Microsoft Ninja Cat t-shir…
  • Thu, 17:26: RT @revodavid: Helping to rehabilitate epilepsy patients by applying machine learning to brain data @josephsirosh at #StrataHadoop https://…
  • Thu, 17:27: RT @mattpodwysocki: Nice blog post on all the great stuff coming with our mobile development with Xamarin here
  • Thu, 18:45: RT @markrussinovich: We just announced the GA of @Azure Service Fabric, the feature-rich microservices platform on which we build Azure! ht…
  • Thu, 18:47: RT @praeclarum: This is the biggest news ever. GPL really held back mono. Now you're truly free to use it anywhere, anyhow.
  • Thu, 18:48: RT @sbisson: Microsoft's Conversation As A Service is the return of Intelligent Agents. I was doing research back in the 90s. 20 years to m…
  • Thu, 18:52: Really, when you're into hour 3 and you *talk* about Starbucks it's not polite not to have *coffee*
  • Thu, 18:53: I'm not up on US comedy & movie stars but I'm not that keen on jokes about apps for picking up women #build2016
  • Thu, 19:02: Blink and you'll miss it demo of @MSEdgeDev extensions by @StevenGuggs & @johnshew #build2016
  • Thu, 19:07: RT @DanB: #FutureBiz A8: Hololens was the original hardware target for VisiCalc, before I had to get practical on affordable hardware.
  • Thu, 19:08: RT @kylealden: You can use multitouch in the iOS simulator on a Surface. #swish
  • Thu, 19:08: RT @richcampbell: You can't test the touch capabilities of your iOS app on a Mac... but you can on Windows. #Build2016
  • Thu, 19:09: RT @maryjofoley: More MS Edge browser partners working on extensions: Pinterest, Adblock, Adblock Plus, LastPass, Amazon Assistant, Evernot…
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